Topic: Early UK Post Punk (77-early 80s)

Is probs my second favourite "type" of punk music, so let's have a sharing and caring thread.

What are you top songs?

Can you name a single band of that era who wasn't shit after a few records? I can't.

My top 5 songs would maybe be:

1. Wire - Another the Letter  : perfect punk minimialism, changes chord twice. Four lines of words.
2. Monochrome Set - Monochrome Set (single version) : paves the way for many a noodly weirdo punk bands.
3. Smack - Edward Fox : Obscure as it comes, Manchester band, one single, banger.
4. Spizzenergi - Where's captain kirk : John Peel liked this song, so it must be cool.
5. Gang of Four - Guns before Butter : awesome build up.

Re: Early UK Post Punk (77-early 80s)

The much underrated Cravats.

and their even more underrated band after the Cravats, the Very Things