Topic: room wanted in Brighton for August and September


If you have a spare room or are looking for a housemate for August and September in Brighton...

My name is Teo, I'm a punk from Spain and I've been living in Brighton for over a year. During this time I've been living in a lovely veggie house with two nice housemates. Unfortunately my landlady is selling the house and I need a new place from the 6th of August to the 1st of October (although I could move earlier if it was necessary). After that I'm moving to Spain.

About me...I'm 33, I'm vegetarian, don't drink or smoke.
I'm very quiet, respectful, easy going, clean, tidy and responsible and I'm working full time.
I'm into raw punk, fanzines, anarchism and this kind of things..... Can you help me???



Re: room wanted in Brighton for August and September

Any room fior me avaliable????

Teodoro (again).