Topic: Cradle (Albama Sweet Centre EP)

Anybody know anything about Cradle who had an amazing track on the Albama ep in the mid 90's? I saw them a couple of times and another band at the 1in12 that was either pre or post Cradle, can't remember now. They had a demo though which I would love to hear.

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Re: Cradle (Albama Sweet Centre EP)

Yes, i used to be in cradle, this is the second time the band has been raised on the internet recently and its good to know that somebody liked us. we did do a demo, but i'm not sure i have a copy.  We did do a second single which was a split  with "dahlia seed "which has the other two tracks from the demo on. Its on a label called "snowblind records"and no doubt you could pick it up for peanuts now. Thanks ,Guy.