Topic: Looking for left over dead stock/unplayed UK82

I'm looking for any left over dead stock or unplayed copies of UK82 (or pre 1990) British/UK hardcore and punk. Seems like there has been a ton of this in the past, but i'm not sure if anyone on here has a lead on anyone who might still have some laying around. Ringwear and other wear from storage is OK and understandable. I know Jungle Records was sitting on a bunch of dead stock a while back and i believe they still have copies of the Rabid 7" still available. That's just an example of the type of stuff i'm after. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Vinyl reissues are alright as well... Captain Oi, Link, Visionary Vinyl/Visionary Communications, Cherry Red, Anagram, etc. I've emailed most of those labels directly, so i guess i'd just be after someone who owns (owned?) a store or distro sitting on some.

Thanks for your time guys.

Re: Looking for left over dead stock/unplayed UK82

I very much doubt you`ll have any luck. Ebay has gobbled up almost all old "dead stock" and the number of fiends like yourself have pretty much gone down these avenues of enquiry 10+ years ago. Top marks if you turn anything up though.

The bloke who runs Riot City for example knows his stuff is worth money and sells/ sold accordingly. Revolver records bloke used to harp on about having multiples to sell me and housemates (lived in same street) but he was all talk and a cockend into the bargain.

Re: Looking for left over dead stock/unplayed UK82

Graham! Just saw your reply. Thanks a ton for the info. That sucks to hear but is not really surprising either... Thanks though!