Topic: MaleSinger wants 2 start/join POPPUNK/HARDCORE/EMO band in Northampton

Ok so,i've been wanting to form a Pop-Punk band for a little while,when i say pop-punk the idea i had was of a ballsier and fast paced pop punk band and somewhat hardcore (lifetime,kid dynamite) influenced while still holding some elements of early New Found Glory,early Saves The Day and The Movielife.Anything along those lines would be absolutely sweet. So to put it simply i'd like to form a Pop Punk band with a little edge and grit while really melodic.

Hi,my name is Aaron,Im 18 and i sing.I currently reside in Northampton but i can of course travel if necessary.My influences are The Movielife,Fireworks,Saves The Day,New Found Glory,The Wonder Years,With The Punches,Late Nite Wars,Title Fight,Such Gold, Braid, The Promise Ring,Crucial dudes,The Story So Far.I've got a few demos i've recorded over the past year to anyone whos interested in how i sound,just contact me at [email protected] and i'll be happy to send them out or just pm me your e-mail address and i will send them to you.

Im currently looking for gutarists,a bassist and a drummer so anyone thats interested or knows anyone thats interested don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected] Also i wouldreally appreciate it if someone knew of somebody who might be interested and point me in the direction of them. Dude is bored!