Topic: Touring Europe Queer/ Femme/ Punk style

worth an ask - Covergirl are touring Europe in May and im trying to sort it all out myself, got some contacts for the larger cities in Germany but apart from that, looking for shows across northern Europe! anyone got contacts for people putting on gigs?
espesh if they're Queer/ feminist, inclusive punk vibes CHEERS

here's some BLURB

COVERGIRL - post-punk party band. Serious about having fun. Picked up by New York based label of the moment Captured Tracks who released their first ever recorded output as a 7inch late last year, this 5 piece are firmly entrenched in the burgeoning UK diy community.

"Covergirl are part of a new wave of politically-minded, queer/gay/femme/whatever-core bands that are popping up all over the UK" "they are blinding." - Dangerous Minds
"(Covergirl) aim for the tribal gut of disco and let it hang on stakes on the steps of post-punk's ruins." - Impose Magazine