Topic: Drummer looking for band - Essex

Hey there, so my previous method of nailing ads to trees didn't really work so I thought I'd try this.  I play drums, and have played in various hc / punk type bands over the years.  Looking for a new band because not playing is depressing.  What I'd really like is a slow / fast hardcore / punk / metal band with anarcho-leaning lyrics because that means a lot to me.  If you broke in to my house, the cds always near the player are Antisect, Terveet Kadet, Agrimonia, Amebix, VoiVod, Nu Pogodi, Liberty, Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower and Subhumans for a start.  Please don't though.

I work full time but while I can't spend weeks in a van, I do want to commit what time I have to something I believe in.  DIY of course (not sure I really need to say that).  I'm based in Chelmsford but happy to travel up to a point if need be.

If this hasn't put you off then do PM me, it'd be cool to hear from you.

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