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Topic: Singer available form/join Punk/Hardcore/Post-Hardcore band - London

Hi i'm 29 living in London. Lots of experience of playing in Punk bands, have toured the US & UK with Off With THeir Heads 3 times, when playing guitar and doing backing in a previous band. Have recorded quite a bit.

Looking to turn to just singing now as its something i've not done and really want to give it ago, as i have alot to kick and scream about written down! Ha

My lyrics can be quite serious/political/critical or parodies of stupid life situations, but my persona is quite the opposite, easy going and always up for a laugh!!

Singing style is quite varied, and i like to think i have a range of techniques in my bag, so not to just sound the same all the time, but mainly with passion!

As title says, i'm looking to do something in that 'vain', something fast, heavy and energetic (as i have alot of energy), suppose to sight some influences, thes include:-

Refused, At the Drive-In, The Arteries, SNFU, Shook Ones, Gnarwolves, Kid Dynamite, Xerxes, The Bronx, Burnman, 1994!, Astpai, Black God and loads loads more!!

If your already doing that, or up for trying to do something close to anything i've said get in touch!!

Ultimatly, i just love writing and performing music, i'm not looking make it 'big', i'm very much from the DIY ethics of musicians, and just want to do it for fun!! If we tour, meet some great people and see some great places on the way, bonus!!

Nice one!!


Re: Singer available form/join Punk/Hardcore/Post-Hardcore band - London

Hi mate.

We're looking for a singer/frontman for our band at the min.
Although our influences are slightly different, we just wanted to put the feelers out really.
We're more skate punk and heavily influenced by bands like. Nofx, lagwagon, propagandhi, strung out and A wilhelm scream. To many to name really but you get the picture.
We're based in London/ Essex and age range from 25/ 35.
We're 4 friendly lads who just wanna play some punk.
Get in touch if your up for it and we'll take it from there mate.