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Topic: Postage costs

Am I losing it or did it really cost me 18 quid to four LPs and a couple of 7"'s to Canada? Or has it always been that way?

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Does this sound about right?

1 x LP
UK - 2.70
Europe - 4.82
RoW - tbc

1 x 7"
UK - 1.10
Eur - 2.93
RoW - 3.86

Re: Postage costs

all the above sounds normal. postage outside of europe is now obscene. definitely use a courier for anything over 2kg.

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Re: Postage costs

Sent 110 LPs to France with Interparcel, was something like 35 quid.
Similar price for sending 8 LPs though?!
edit, let me check that though

Re: Postage costs

shouldn't cost that much to ship 3kg to france hmm

Re: Postage costs

Might be thinking of USA

Re: Postage costs

need to figure out the cheapest way of getting a massive shipment of LPs from canada.

shame that surface mail never seems to be an option anymore. wouldn't care it took a month or two to arrive if it cost a lot less