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Any more for any more? On a huge comp drive at the moment. Mainly going for late 70s/early 80s punk but also any really great psych/garage ones. In particular, does anyone know of any consistent british/Euro psych comps?

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The Back from the Grave (all pretty solid, enjoying Vol 10 a lot recently) series are excellent.

I really like compilation 7"s. Cowtown maybe my favourite series ever.

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bullshit detector 1(its definetly not "perfect" but shows anyone could do it)
flex your head
boston not l.a.
raw war

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If you can find it this is a banger:

Tales from the Australian Underground (Vol: 1 & Vol: 2)

As well as:

"You treated me Bad" Teenage Shutdown Series


The Big Itch Vol: 3

Get Drunk and Listen to Records

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Magma_Times wrote:

Does anyone know of any consistent british/Euro psych comps?

Psychedelic Phinland is interesting

Also on the Psych tip;
Trashbox (5 CD set compiling the Pebbles series of 60's Pre-Punk too small to be taken notice of by Nuggets)
Those Shocking Shaking Days (70's Indonesian Psych Rock)
Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas (vintage hard to find singles, the CDROM making of mini doc is worth watching;