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Hey, I'm new here...

I've been putting on DIY shows as part of collectives and by myself now for about a decade.
Recently, we got a new space, and its perfect! It's an old skittle alley with a paint job, behind a pub which is central to our city (Worcester) with cheap cheap booze! The owners have given us this space to do what we like with, as much as possible, and even abit of a budget to play with...

it has dawned on me today that I should probably start using the social networking thing alot more... and evolve past the terrible advertising platform known as facebook.... yeah... i'm stepping out into the real world!

So hey! We're known as Embrace The Chaos and we throw tonnes of gigs. You can view all our listings on our Facebook events page - - or if you don't like facebook, our wordpress site is at

I'll be posting most of our shows up on these forums.. if it gets too much though feel free to tell me to slow down wink
I'm not too great at spending time just talking on forums - a two year old child will do that to anyone, but we are always up for networking with other people... so feel free to get in touch one way or another!

Thanks for your time!

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welcome aboard!

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welcome smile

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Well hello there. i'm new too really!

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What board games do you play?

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I see you've lost none of that caustic wit whilst I've been away, Leo.