Topic: I am offering out free audio restoration for punx


So I am Joe C and I run Subsequent Mastering :
(I also co run DIY venue JT SOAR in Nottingham and play in the band Plaids)

One of my plans for the new year is to expand my operation to audio restoration (and mastering the restored audio ready for distribution/pressing).

I recently moved into a new space and have access to some incredible audio transfer gear, and I wanna learn how to use it!

So here's what I am offering:

Your old punk rock / lofi recordings on cassette / analogue reel to reel tape / DAT / something else? = send them to me.
I will restore the audio, master the audio for modern listening practices (get it bandcamp ready for example).

I will do a few of these jobs as they come in (first come, first served) for FREE.

The only catch is that you must credit me in full and I must be able to share the audio about as an example of work. I will be doing this for a few months before working out my price for such services in the future.

Baring in mind this could be an entire cassettes worth of music which would usually cost something like 200-300 to get mastered if it were a new release this is a pretty good thing I am offering out here!

I will obviously work at my own speed and any postage costs are yours.

email me or ring me

subsequent studio at g mail dot com


Joe C / Subsequent Mastering