Topic: Worcs/ Bham /W Mids... start something new and nasty?

Anyone interested in playing short, noisy but catchy aggressive/ raw songs in the vaguely West Midlands and surrounding shires area?

Possible influences and reference points: 1st Die Kreuzen LP, Septic Death, Jerry's Kids, early Minutemen, Rudimentary Peni, Gauze, Adrenalin OD and a million others.

Enthusiasm > Talent, Tone > Tune, Volume > Validation.

Not looking to take over the world or do a million gigs a year, more concerned with making some great noises and having a laugh.

I play bass; initially looking for a guitarist. Might have a drummer interested... vocalist is the lowest priority (if all goes to plan, any vocals will have to be really screamed to fuck to be heard over the rest).

Reply on here or PM me if you're interested.

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Re: Worcs/ Bham /W Mids... start something new and nasty?

Damn, yr a bass player...oh well. Good luck!