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Topic: ALL FOR AMENDS Acoustic Punk/Emo Saves The Day, Braid, Fireworks

Hey Guys

My name is Aaron, and I am from the UK, London to be exact. It is nice to meet you all.I am a regular visitor to the forum so its a pleasure first off. I currently play in a weird Acoustic Emo Punk project called All For Amends. I have been told All For Amends sounds similar to the "I'm Sorry I'm Leaving" era Saves The Day with the rawness of early Say Anything and Northstar.

Personally I am influenced by bands like The Movielife, Fireworks, Crucial Dudes, Braid and later Transit. 00's punk and emo is the main thread that is evident in project. I started the project a while ago and I recently released a new EP titled "Looking Out For When It Starts To Look Up". It is three songs about coping, thats it. I released it on Tuesday (03/03/15) here http://allforamends.bandcamp.com/album/ … to-look-up I have also released a 2013 demo, a eerie emo influenced keyboard EP (with a Braid and The Get Up Kids Cover) as well as a miserable Christmas song that disses Macaulay Culkin hahah nah jk.

I have also filmed various covers of tonnes of songs on my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/TheUnderdogzX just for the kicks. It has become kinda ridiculous though as I have managed to accumulate at least 140+ covers on it now,I swear.

As you can tell I am passionate about this project I am at University at the moment but I will be finished in a few months and I will be giving it a proper go and playing shows and other stuff. I hope you guys like the stuff.