Topic: What Alternative? A Study of Indie Music, Taste and Identity

Hello everyone,

I am conducting a research at King's College London about indie music culture in the digital era. Here's what it's all about in case you'd like to take part. Thanks!

You are invited to participate in a research study conducted in the Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries of King’s College London. The aim of the study is to explore understandings of indie/alternative music in the context of a more fragmented music scene and the increasing impact of digital and online culture. Indie and alternative are still widely used to refer to particular types of music and/or musical production, but how they are understood is no longer necessarily clear. Particular attention will be paid to how taste in music is shaped by new listening habits and how consumers navigate an over-abundant musical landscape.
In the first stage of the research, participants will complete an online questionnaire, after which they may be asked to take part in focus groups to discuss the present state of music culture, and ‘indie’ in particular. Some participants may also be invited back at a later date to participate in individual interviews, which will involve listening and commenting upon musical pieces of their choice.
I am recruiting individuals based within the London area to take part in this research. Please, only agree to participate in the study if you are 18 or above.

For any additional information, please contact:
Giuseppe Zevolli,
King’s College London,
1D Chesham Building,
Strand Campus,
London WC2R 2LS.
[email protected]