Topic: Austerity (new Brighton/London post-punk band)

Hey, first of all sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forum! If it is please feel free to move it!

So I'm in this dancey anarcho post-punk band.

We've been compared to Gang of Four, The Ex and Fugazi.

We have a demo tape, its three quid for two songs.

We're looking for gigs, mainly around Brighton/London/the South East, but we're open to playing pretty much anywhere. We just ask for a contribution towards our travel costs. We especially prefer playing weird/unconventional/non-commercial venues but this isn't a necessary requirement!

Who can help us out? If you can hook us up please message [email protected] or find us on Facebook!

Oh yeah, you can listen to three of our songs here...


Re: Austerity (new Brighton/London post-punk band)

you should ask Tatty Seaside Town, they do shows in Brighton/Worthing/area

if you have facewank

Major Wants : To The Point "mentally checked out' 7"
the Death Dust Extractor 12" & Crisis 7"s at punk prices...
and I do a weird record label

Re: Austerity (new Brighton/London post-punk band)

Cheers mate I'll contact them, I think I might have been to a couple of their shows actually!