Topic: Wrassling

Given that the UK Wrestling scene is White hot at the moment, are there any closet fans on here? Who's your local promotions? Caught anything good lately? Who do you Mark out for?

I do live photography at Discovery, who're Edinburgh based. Their shows are more family friendly, but they get some great international talent. Going through to Glasgow on Saturday for Grado vs Renfrew II at ICW. ICW are obviously ace. Might, if I get my evaluative report finished in time go through to the Reckless Intent show in Livingston on Saturday.

Looking forward to the festival as Edinburgh goes a bit Wrestling crazy around then. ICW do for weeks of shows, Colt Cabana and Brendon Burns do the Yurt show,

Nice to see Noam Dar and Jack Gallagher in the WWE global cruiserweight series.

Re: Wrassling

The nearest I get here is occasionally going to watch really old school British stuff in Worthing and it's great.  The mayor goes and gets all into it.

Haven't actually followed any wrestling since I was a late teen but was feverishly into it for many years and still keep up to date at least with major non-kayfabe goings on and enjoy watching the shifting face of 'sports entertainment'.  Always get sad when a wrestler dies.  Balls Mahoney was a particularly hard knock.