Topic: Apostille, Es, TV Crime @The Chameleon, Notts 02/11/16

DIY mainstay and Night School label owner Michael Kasparis brings his industrial strength synth-punk project Apostile to Nottingham for the first time! You may know him as a member of Anxiety or perhaps The Lowest Form but anyone who has stumbled upon his releases for Clan Destine and Goaty Tapes will be aware of the Apostile’s inherent might as a entity within itself. Apostille taps into Kaparis’s chosen field with new insights, giving the de-composted slurry of Suicide-esque trash punk aesthetics a new lease of bewildered life. Kasparis’s intense live performances are a testament too his continued mission to bridge the gap between audienc e and performer.

ES (London)
ES are a new band featuring members of Primetime, Gloss Rejection, The Worms and Black Fungus. Weaving sinewy keyboard lines and a direct vocal around the bass and drums they write stark songs that are as hard to pin down as they are inventive.

TV CRIME (Notts)
Good Vibrations Records style power pop/punk … highlights