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here's an idea, which you may or may not like...

list books you have read and no longer want - then look at other people's lists and organise a trade with them

i'll get things started:

Against The Day - Thomas Pynchon
American Smoke - Iain Sinclair
Foucault's Pendulum - Umberto Eco
In Search Of The Miraculous - PD Ouspensky
The Tidewater Tales - John Barth
Wolf Solent - John Cowper Powys
Stone Junction - Jim Dodge
Completely Unexpected Tales - Roald Dahl
Revolutionary Road - Richard Yates
The Idiot - Fyodor Dostoevsky

contact email: [email protected]

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bugger - thought this would get a few takers...

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definitely a good idea. think there's only about 5 people who check the forum now tho... sad

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I got excited about this idea, then realised I had stacks of my own books on my floor/on my shelves to wade through + 400 or so on my Kindle.

Can't recommend Revolutionary Road enough for anyone looking to take a decent read off your hands, though.

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well, if anyone want its just get in touch

alex - any books you want to swap?

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To be honest most of mine vanish off to friends/family members/charity shops afterwards if I'm not fussed about keeping them, but I'll have a look.

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wanna give this one more try

are there any forums that would cater for this?