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(is that just you nowadays andy?)

myself and a couple of friends are coming to norwich for the wolves game in a couple of weeks and staying afterwards for a few drinks.   as we are a bunch of 40+ year old dads, can someone recommend some good real ale pubs and somewhere that stays open late and plays britpop songs? also, a good place that sells veggie breakfasts for sunday morning\lunchtime might be a good idea.

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ian the pub you want on saturday evening is the plasterers arms. i am not sure how much britpop you'll get but the music is generally good and it's by far and away the best ale pub in the city for my money. generally 10+ ales on, great variety, from all over the country and well kept. the staff are super. would suit a bunch of hipster dads although the clientele is really varied which is one of the things i like about it. they also do amazing pizza. plus it's open til 1am.

it's a 10-15 minute walk from the city centre itself but well worth it.

you could pop in to the kings head on magdalen street on the way there but they don't play any music at all and it's for the old CAMRA blokes who want to drink average local stuff. beer is superbly well kept though.

the ale pubs in the city centre are a mixed bag. the murderers is a popular place but the beer is appallingly kept. and the toilets stink the place out at times. the garnet by the market is worth popping into though if you need something more central. don't bother with the wildman. another good option centrally would be st andrews brewhouse where the clientele is definitely inclined towards the cool dads. the rumsey wells is near by there and an adnams pub, but perhaps tipped more towards the 20 somethings on a saturday night, you might feel a bit old in there.

not really sure about veggie breakfast options though the plasterers might even cater for that as they started doing breakfasts recently. could be worth asking. st andrews might be a good bet here too.

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This is a really good food blog, the writer is Norwich based so has good local knowledge and his wife is veggie so he gets a good idea of how good the veggie breakfasts are. In the right hand side you should see sections for veggie breakfasts and also Sunday breakfasts so you should be able to find something, most reviews have links to the cafes so you should be able to get the up to date opening times too.

My personal favourites are Olives, at the bottom of the medieval street Elm Hill, House Cafe on St. Benedicts Cafe and Street Cafe on Magdalen Street (all do great veggie breakfasts and I think vegan/gluten free options too)

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nice one.  thanks andy and smithonicus for the great info.