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Hi. Welcome to the first official newsletter for 2017. A bunch of stuff arrived here like restock of the Sheer Mag 7“s, A couple the BODY restocks (THE BODY & THOU - you, whom i have always hated LP, both DLPs), Baader Brains resock, MOTHERCOUNTRY MOTHERFUCKERS - Confidential Human Source LP, Fall of Efafra re issues, Orchid restocks, the Bohren & der Club Of Gore – geisterfaust Dlp re issue, Sex Prisoner LP, new Weekend Nachos LP, URANIUM CLUB - All Of Them Naturals LP and other goodies

We also started taking pre orders for the upcoming RANK / XEROX – m.y.t.h. 12“ and a RANK XEROX tape called „mass transit“ which hold the songs from the sold out split w/ Grass Widow and their 7“

Check it out on

Robert & Klose & Norman

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DISCREPANCY - Where The Strength Lies Demo 7" (young blood - Discrepancy's absolute powerhouse of a demo pressed on vinyl. Four tracks of intense OC hardcore. For fans of Uniform Choice, Hard Stance, New Brigade and Disengage. Limited edition of 500 copies. 7" includes digital download.) 6.50

HEAT - s/t 7" (derganed - Heat's debut 7" is a hellish, whirlwind onslaught of ultracore agony. It would be easy to just name-check the cult HC groups of yore who make up Heat's primary influences - Neanderthal, Citizens Arrest, Impact Unit, Crossed Out, etc. - but these San Diego, CA, insurgents aren't content simply paying homage; they're taking their savage influences and pushing the aural torment into a refreshing, self-stylized direction. Whether full-tilt blasting, stomping at a mid-pace, or trudging through a dirge, there's a natural fluidity and cohesion to Heat's under-a-minute nuclear reactions that belie the group's intensity. Simply put, any fan of extreme hardcore will revel in Heat's burly, mutant approach. 7" includes digital download.) 6.50

PRIMAL RITE - Complex Life Of Passion 7" (grave mistake - The second offering from San Francisco's Primal Rite. Following up an impressive debut single, "Complex Life Of Passion" delivers a barrage of pure sonic brutality, drawing on an array of influences ranging from classic thrash and OSDM to Japanese and Clevo hardcore. From the EP's looming intro to its pulverizing close, Primal Rite manages to bring nothing less than sheer hardcore devastation from start to finish, firmly asserting their position as a band to watch for in 2017. Look for an upcoming 7" and LP on Revelation Records. 7" includes digital download.) 6.50

SHEER MAG - s/t 7" (katorga works - US Press. The debut 7" from Philadelphia's SHEER MAG finally gets a wider UK and European release! Sheer Mag seemingly came out of nowhere last Autumn with this killer four track EP. It is the only record of recent times that manages to sound like a mix of a classic Seventies rock record, power pop and an obscure English DIY 7" from the late 70's. Everything sounds scrappy, fuzzy and scuzzy and it's all the better for it. The riff packed guitar work and fuzzed female vocals sit perfectly together whilst the crude rhythms just adds bounce and basic beats. Think a mix of the power pop delight of Protex, the lo-fi nature of The Seize, the riffs of Thin Lizzy and the powerful female vocal of Suzi Quatro. It shouldn't work but it does. It really does! ) 6.50

SHEER MAG - II 7" (wilsuns - US Press. The Philadelphia quintet Sheer Mag is one of my favorite new bands out there – not only are they an impressive live act, with frontwoman Christina Halliday’s bossy, brazen vocals leading her band through blues-y, riff-heavy grooves, but that energy definitely translates to their recorded material, too. After their first 7” made huge waves in the punk community and pretty much sold out instantly, they’ve dropped a new EP, appropriately called II. (Pretty Much Amazing)) 6.50

SHEER MAG - III 7" (US Press."Sheer Mag return with another four tracker of all killers and no fillers on Wilsuns RC / Static Shock Records. Nothing has changed on this record at all - it's all epic riffs, a lo-fi and compact production, hooks galore and that soulful and gritty voice you already love. 'Can't Stop Fighting' is three and a half minutes of power pop meets classic rock and sits somewhere between the Shivvers and Thin Lizzy if such a place exists. 'Worth the Tears' is a little cleaner, mellower and soulful. Side two opens with the scuzzy and dense 'Night Isn't Bright' before the standout cut 'Nobody's Baby' - which sounds a 1978 classic rock hit that hints at Judas Priests' 'Living After Midnight' and Kiss in their prime. It's an instant pop nugget that sounds like a time long gone." (Sean Forbes)) 6.50

STAND OFF - s/t 7" (The new wave of DC hardcore. This is a one-time vinyl pressing of Stand Off's demo. Four absolutely blistering tacks of ripping hardcore. Limited edition of 500 copies. 7" includes digital download.) 6.50


BAADER BRAINS - New Era Hope Colony LP (back in stock - Featuring members of other great bands such as Please Inform The Captain This Is A Hijack, Torches To Rome, Struggle, Fuel, Swing Kids, Sawhorse, John Henry West, Bread & Circuits, and more, Baader Brains deliver more forward-thinking hardcore punk that's housed in their colorful, intricate packaging. LP includes digital download.) 15.00

DEATH SIDE - Bet On The Possibility LP (feral ward - Never mind those shit Euro bootlegs, these are top-quality legitimate reissues. A very generous royalty went to the band. Legendary Japanese hardcore at its best. No long-winded glamorizing write-up needed.) 25.00

FALL OF EFRAFA - The Burial LP (Originally released 2009 as a limited run one-sided 12", now finally repressed and available again!) 12.00

FALL OF EFRAFA - Tharn LP ('Tharn' (meaning 'fear') is a single-track remix release of 'Dominion Theology' taken from their latest album 'Elil', but feels more like a teaser for new material from Brighton's Fall of Efrafa....) 12.00

MOMMY - Songs About Children LP (toxic state - This might be the most unique punk record to be released in 2016. An incredible example of the true spirit of what makes the contemporary NYC punk scene so special, as it is a completely enveloping experience that brings the listener into the harrowing and unwelcoming world of mental illness in ways few bands ever have. Mommy spiritually aligns with a bands like Rudimentary Peni without feeling the need to try and sound like them. Punk should be difficult and challenging, not tepid rehashings of former glory, and this record is certainly challenging. Essential.) 18.00

MOTHERCOUNTRY MOTHERFUCKERS - Confidential Human Source LP (clea plate - The NDA’s have expired and the long-rumored MC/MF LP is finally public for eager hearts & minds everywhere! Recorded in 2010, this project stands as fallen member Sarah Kirsch’s departing haiku to all kindred spirits still left behind enemy lines. Originally intended as internal training material for a Zen Arcade-esqe double LP, veteran producers Crisco Thunder and Jack “Whiz Bang” Shirley joined forces with the surviving MoFo’s to apply the necessary final touches on this future classic. Merging militant elegies ala-Cut the Crap with raging riffs and vitriol, the ‘Motherfuckers drag discontented, abrasively tuneful ‘hardcore punk’ off the bloody butcher’s block of historical curiosity. Scything swathes through uncharted sonic frontiers, Confidential Human Source is a true return to form, where malcontent Mothercountry Motherfuckers of all ages are sure to find lasting resonance and sustenance for the end times ahead. — Doug Moodie for Trouser Pressed ) 18.00

SALLOW - I: the great work LP ("If you like “Appalachian Black Metal” in the vein of Panopticon, Twilight Fauna, Alraune, Bastard Sapling, etc, then you will have to take a deep breath and dive into the light-swallowing music of Sallow, as within you will find everything that makes eastern North American “rural” black metal such a unique thing to behold. Located in the Pine Brush of the Appalachian Valley in upstate New York, or what the Haudenosaunee called Sche-negh-ta-da, Sallow play a rough, furious, and epic mix of USBM in the vein of bands like Yellow Eyes and Mutilation Rites, but stripped of any human emotion or warmth and instead reduced to a highly feral and primordial state, and dipped deep into the unholy Stix of a merciless and unforgiving shadow-ruled wilderness. “In “The Great Work” – the first part of a trilogy – Sallow celebrate their sworn alliegance to a dehumanized world completely stripped of the foul presence of man, through a cascading, incessant, and highly personal brand of swarming primitive black metal which – not devoid of puzzling melodies, oozing atmospheres, and eerie moods – will haunt your dreams and shatter your soul." ( cvlt nation )) 14.00

SEX PRISONER - Tannhäuser Gate LP (First full-length record from Tucson, AZ's Sex Prisoner, blending powerviolence with a more metalcore approach.) 16.00

URANIUM CLUB - All Of Them Naturals LP (static age - “All Of Them Naturals” is a fully realized, inclusive world of faux-corporation sponsored surrealist new wave punk music rife with satire and discordance. Robotically tight. Delightfully warped. Ideas as vast as Nebraska’s GMO cornfields and as lethal as the pesticides they spray on them. Did the Sunbelt Chemicals Corporation invent DDT? Maybe. Did they invent man? They think so. Did they invent the wheel? No, that was URANIUM CLUB. Truly, our generation’s DEVO. An important group." - Jensen Ward ) 14.00

WEEKEND NACHOS - Apology LP (deep six - Chicago's Weekend Nachos go out in a storm of hatred with the release of their final album, "Apology." Recorded by the band's own Andy Nelson at Bricktop Studios, "Apology" is a veritable tornado of grindcore/powerviolence/hardcore savagery, 13 tracks of utter punishment that has Weekend Nachos sounding more dangerous and urgent than ever before.) 16.00

WORSE - Rubber Burner LP (deranged . New York City's Worse has made an LP of noisy rock 'n' roll songs that don't shy away from being punk. The band relies heavily on pop sensibilities while having guitars that blare through, sounding not unlike the classic '90s bands Harvey Milk and Hammerhead. The slugging drawls of the instruments bleed into the two-singer vocals and what you're left with is a puddle of punk rock goodness. LP includes digital download.) 17.00


CEPHEIDE - respire TAPE (Superb atmospheric black metal from Paris, France.) 6.00

TORRID HUSK / END - Swallow Matewan TAPE (Full-length split between Torrid Husk (USA) and End (GR).  EU releases on Arcane Angels (vinyl) and Monotonstudio Records (cassette). US release on Grimoire Records (digital, CD, cassette). The split has been in the making for a couple of years, both bands admiring the other’s distinctive contribution to black metal.  Torrid Husk's wild, densely layered style evokes the forested mountains that they come from; the combination of extreme tempos, vicious death metal drumming and intricate guitars painting a harsh landscape. This is their first recording with a second guitarist - new member Miles Craft - whose presence brings striking intricacy to the guitar lines. Blending atmospheric black metal with the pummeling intensity of technical death metal, Torrid Husk's side will appeal to fans of Abyssal, Krallice and Anicon.  On side B, End crafts a uniquely Hellenic blend of atmospheric black metal infused with Nordic influences, at times reminiscent of Celtic Frost and Carpathian Forest. Their veteran line-up includes members of Nechochwen, Dephosphorous and Ravencult. In a nod to the old gods of extreme metal, their side closes with a unique interpretation of the 1983 Amebix song 'Winter'. Comprising of three weighty tracks from each band, Swallow Matewan is a deep experience. The churning seas on the album cover evoke the shared turbulence that each band brings to their style; riffs tumble and tear at each other over relentless and intricate drumming, and vocals from both are harsh and sharp as an ocean gale. Both bands understand the importance of the eye of the storm, however; delicate moments of respite punctuate both sides of the split, allowing just enough time for the next bout of brutality to hit just as hard as the last. Released by Torrid Husk’s long time label Grimoire Records, the split has a clearness enabled by their excellent in-house mastering. It is Grimoire’s first release, however, that wasn’t entirely recorded and produced in-house: while Torrid Husk and Grimoire label head Noel Mueller returned to the same secluded cabin in which they recorded 2014’s Caesious, End recorded their side at home in Greece. This displacement of setting only serves to highlight the two bands’ affinity, as the two sides flow together impeccably in spite of it.) 6.00


B.SON ( black shape of nexus ) - mannheim CD (wolfboker - Recorded in 2009 at the rehearsal room, with versions of older songs played as they were played live. ) 10.00

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Re: Bis Aufs Messer Jan (Bohren, Sex Prisoner, Weekend Nachos, Mothercount

Folks, maybe Thursday is the new friday. I don´t know – we got no patience and here are the news form this week. Besides three staring pre orders for 3 new amazing ADAGIO830 releases – ARTFEACT, KINDLING & RANK/XEROX – we also got a bunch of new records like the new UNIFORM LP, new LOWER PLENTY LP, new CAVALCADES LP, new TYCHO LP, restocks of the GLOSS and WARTHOG TAPES and a lots of other restocks

We also have a couple new shows in the works

First one is a little Sport / Swain tour

then vendetta started his pre sale for his upcoming vendetta fest (check his big cartel)

and then in April also


Robert & Klose & Norman

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AMPHISBAENA - MMXVI LP ("From beyond the stars, another chapter in the legacy of Canadian chaos metal is being written. Mere hints and murmurs of a hideous beast in gestation have sent waves through the underground already. Few are truly prepared for the utter terror and possession AMPHISBAENA will soon unleash with their Iron Bonehead MLP demo debut. Comprised of stalwarts from the maniacal Canadian scene (responsible for such haunted filth as Rites of thy Degringolade, Antediluvian, and Weapon), a dual-headed serpent arises to push the boundaries and challenge all preconceptions. In this united front, limitations are shed in favour of an open palette of metal’s various extremes: black/death from the furthest depths of the inspired subconscious. A distant echo from the edge of the universe that serves as the only warning of what is to come! .) 15.00

C A V A L C A D E S - O n e D o w n F o r Y o u t h ' s I d e a l s L P ( k o e p f e n . - C a v a l c a d e s p r o v i d e o n t h i s r e c o r d t o p - n o t c h , f l a w l e s s , h i g h l y e m o t i o n a l a n d m o v i n g e m o / p o s t - h a r d c o r e t u n e s t h a t w i l l k e e p y o u h e a r t w a r m a n d s c r e a m i n g f o r m o r e . T h e s l i g h t l y d i f f e r e n t s t y l e i n s o u n d i s e x t r e m e l y l i k e a b l e a n d c o h e r e n t . I n c o m b i n a t i o n w i t h t h e g r e a t a r t w o r k i t s j u s t a n A + + p a c k a g e . ( j u s t f o r t h e r e c o r d : t h e y a l w a y s h a v e a n a w e s o m e s e n s e f o r f i t t i n g d e s i g n a n d s t u f f h e h e ) C a n t w a i t f o r a f u l l - l e n g t h ) 1 1 . 0 0

K I N D L I N G - N o G e n e r a t i o n 1 2 " ( ( a d a g i o 8 3 0 / e c h o c a n y o n - K i n d l i n g i s c o m p r i s e d o f m y g o o d b u d d i e s S t e p h e n a n d A n d y w h o a l s o p l a y i n W M a s s h a r d c o r e o u t f i t A m p e r e , a s w e l l a s G r e t s c h e n ( w h o p l a y s g u i t a r a n d s i n g s ) a n d A n d r e w , w h o p l a y s b a s s . I c a n t e l l y o u t h e s e p e o p l e h a v e t h e m o s t s o l i d m u s i c a l k n o w l e d g e I k n o w & W h i l e i t w o u l d b e e a s y t o c o m p a r e t h e m t o M y B l o o d y V a l e n t i n e , a c l o s e r l i s t e n w i l l a l s o l e d y o u t o f i n d e v i d e n t t r a c e s o f S u p e r c h u n k g u i t a r r i f f s , T e e n a g e F a n c l u b a n d J e s u s & M a r y C h a i n m e l o d i e s t o s e r v e a v e r y p e r s o n n a l a n d u n i q u e s o u n d & ( T h e y b l u r t h e y d r e a m y m e l o d i e s i n t o a w a l l o f a m a s s i v e f u z z s o u n d s w i t h a a p o p s e n s i b i l i t y r a r e l y f o u n d w h e n t h e v o l u m e a n d a t t a c k e n d s u p t h i s f a r i n t h e r e d . ) 1 2 . 0 0

LASCAR - absence LP (Iconic Southern American epic Atmospheric Black Metal masterpiece debut album! "This is the brand new third release, and first full length from the independent one man Chilean depressive, atmospheric blackgaze/black metal project Lascar. The project is helmed by Gabriel Hugo, who provides all instrumentation and vocal work.) 14.00

L E S 2 M I N U T E S D E L A H A I N E - S o m n o l e n c e s L P ( H a r d c o r e , E m o a n d C r u s t f r o m s o u t h F r a n c e i n a r e a l l y b e a u t i f u l p a c k a g e ( S c r e e n p r i n t e d c o v e r + b o o k l e t + p a t c h + b o o k m a r k ) ) 1 2 . 0 0

LOWER PLENTY - Sister Sister LP (bedroom suck - Melbourne's Lower Plenty are comprised of some of Australia's most talented musicians. The quartet are typically Australian in that they seem to exist on borrowed members, drawing together musicians responsible for bands like Total Control, The UV Race, Deaf Wish, The Focus and Dick Diver. Unlike the harsh and direct approach of many of these outfits, Lower Plenty take the circular route, preferring to dwell in isolation and self-reflection, the result being some truly astonishing home recordings. ) 23.00

MICHAEL CHAPMAN - 50 LP (paradise - After five decades of recording and touring, veteran British songwriter and guitar sage Michael Chapman has finally made what he calls his "American record," and the aptly titled 50 now stands as his late career masterwork, a moving legacy statement by a legend. Backed by a collaborative group of friends and acolytes - Steve Gunn (who also produced), Nathan Bowles (Pelt, Black Twig Pickers), James Elkington (Jeff Tweedy, Richard Thompson), Jason Meagher (No-Neck Blues Band), Jimy SeiTang (Rhyton), and fellow UK songwriting luminary Bridget St John - Chapman tears into both bold renderings of new songs and radical reinterpretations of material from his revered catalog, the crack band adeptly scaling the same rarefied sonic heights of classic Harvest albums like Fully Qualified Survivor, guided by a true survivor's instinct, wit, and wisdom. The result is a sublime chiaroscuro self-portrait, more shadow than light, as an invigorated Chapman wrestles with weighty themes of t ravel, memory, mortality, and redemption, his world-weary whispers assuming the incandescent power of prophecy. The deluxe LP package includes tip-on jacket, printed inner sleeve, lyrics, and download card with two bonus tracks.) 25.00

M E T R O N O M E C H A R I S M A - N o t r e A m o u r E s t A s s e z P u i s s a n t P o u r D È t r u i r e C e P u t a i n L P ( v o i c e o f t h e - F i r s t t i m e v i n y l p r e s s i n g f o r 2 0 0 4 a l b u m N o t r e A m o u r E s t A s s e z P u i s s a n t P o u r D È t r u i r e C e P u t a i n D e M o n d e , t h e o n l y e f f o r t f r o m t h e b a n d M e t r o n o m e C h a r i s m a , b e f o r e t h e m e m b e r s w e n t t o f o r m Y e a r O f N o L i g h t . T h i s r e c o r d m i x e s t h e p o w e r a n d v i o l e n c e o f p o s t h a r d c o r e , w i t h t h e e m o t i o n a n d m e l o d i e s o f s c r e a m o , t o g e t o n e o f t h e b e s t r e c o r d s r e l e a s e d i n t h a t g e n r e . E v e n 1 2 y e a r s l a t e r , N o t r e A m o u r s o u n d s r e a l l y m o d e r n a n d w i l l d e f i n i t e l y b l o w y o u r m i n d s ) 1 2 . 0 0

MONO - Under The Pipal Tree DLP (temporary - On vinyl for the first time ever! Under The Pipal Tree is the debut album by now-legendary Japanese experimental rock band, MONO. Released in 2001 on avant-garde icon John Zorn's Tzadik label, Under The Pipal Tree showcased a young Japanese quartet whose wide range of influences - most notably Sonic Youth, Mogwai, The Velvet Underground, and Neil Young's Crazy Horse - were on ferocious and ambitious display. Though MONO would eventually become known for their expert marriage of metal and classical genres, Under The Pipal Tree highlights the band's psychedelic roots. Long stretches of hypnotic, melodic washes give way to scorching guitar freakouts that evaporate into haunting silence. It's remarkable not just for its earnest exploration, but for its startling execution. Fifteen years and eight albums later, Under The Pipal Tree stands as one of the great debut albums by a seminal underground band. Finally released on vinyl for the first time ever, Under The Pipal Tree has been remastered for vinyl by longt ime friend and tour mate, Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service. The double album is packaged in all new artwork, and is pressed onto audiophile-quality 100% virgin vinyl. This stunning album has never looked, sounded, or felt better.) 28.00

OFFICER! - Never Mind The Bucket LP (blackest ever black - Blackest Ever Black's marked its fifth anniversary in 2015 with events at the ICA in London and Berghain in Berlin. The former featured an unforgettable performance from Mick Hobbs' Officer!, the shapeshifting group's first in twenty-odd years. For this show Hobbs was joined by longtime collaborators Mary Currie of Flaming Tunes (voice, shruti, theremin, glock) and Joey Stack (keyboards, voice), with Tilly Bean on bass, Ed Bernez on drums and Lydia Fischer contributing flute, trumpet and baritone horn. The setlist comprised songs from Dead Unique, the "lost" 1995 album by Officer! which Blackest Ever Black released in 2014, a smattering of earlier classics (including 'Life At The Water's Edge' and 'Dogface) and heart-rending covers of 'Beguiling The Hours' and 'The Best Weapon' from Mary Currie and the late Gareth Williams' peerless Flaming Tunes album. The show was recorded, and has been beautifully mixed for release by Deerhoof's John Dieterich, with a couple of overdubs from Jeroen Visser (baritone sax on 'Dogface') and Bill Gilonis (guitar on 'Shrug'). Mastered by Noel Summerville, the LP is co-released by Blackest Ever Black and Hobbs' own Life & Living Records in a strictly limited edition of 300, with artwork by Li Williams. ) 18.00

P A S T - C l i f f h a n g e r 1 2 ( d i n g l e b e r r y , v o i c e o f t h e u n h e a r d - P o s t - r o c k / h a r d c o r e / s c r e a m o t r i o f r o m B o r d e a u x ) 1 1 . 0 0

PLEASE WAIT - look around, see inside LP (Debut LP of the post-hardcore/emo band PLEASE WAIT from Sant Feliu de Guíxols/Cataluya.) 12.00

RANK / XEROX - m.y.t.h. 12" (adagio830 - RANK / XEROX from San Francisco finally return with four songs of messy post-punk with hidden pop james and dark guitar scratchers and synth screamers. Distorting messy and catchy at the same time. ) 12.00

SHATAAN - Weigh of the Wolf LP (iron bonehead - Those already familiar with Shataan probably know the reclusive black metal outfit as part of the Black Twilight Circle, a collective of black metal musicians and groups based in Southern California. While Volahn is far and away the most well-known Black Twilight Circle act, Shataan’s contribution to the collective’s Desert Dances and Serpent Sermons compilation last year was probably the best composition on that release. At least it was my favorite. Expect more of the same, although greatly expanded and elaborated upon, from Weigh of the Wolf. Charming low-key black metal riffs make a pleasant backdrop for expressive guitar solos and a great deal of native flute playing. The Black Twilight Circle all share mesoamerican heritage, and the influence of their ancestral roots music unites their style, but Shataan probably expresses that influence most prominently. Either you’re going to think this sounds like Darkthrone mixed with National Geographic title card music, or you’re going to find it fascinating. (Invisible Oranges)) 15.00

THE STRAY TROLLEYS - barricades & angels LP (captrued tracks - Remastered and Released on vinyl and CD for the first time, this album presents Martin Newell before he began The Cleaners From Venus. CD and LP Download include bonus track, "Mrs. Killer". In May of 1979, UK native Martin Newell was 26 years old and in transition. He'd just split up with his girlfriend and moved out of the Colchester house they'd shared for four years. A month later, Newell also stepped down as the singer for Gypp, a band he'd been in for three years. Though they had a great live reputation and a strong regional following, Newell, with some misgivings, felt their music was out-of-step with the times. That same year, he turned down the offer of a literature degree course at university as well. Why bother? He had a part-time washing-up job, a guitar and a room in a rambling, boho house. He could just tear the whole thing down and start again. And so he did. That summer, friend and recording engineer Dave Hoser heard some of Newell's demos and offered to help record them on his 4-track equipment, dubbed "The Octopus Mobile." With some of Newell's former optimism and energy restored, he put together a new band: the then 23-year-old drummer Michael Natkanski, former Gypp bass player Tony Phillips and Braintree guitarist Malcolm Burch (a/k/a Max Volume). Calling themselves The Stray Trolleys, the music here predates Newell's work as The Cleaners from Venus and the bulk of the sessions on their sole album, Barricades and Angels, were recorded at Octopus Studios during spring and summer of 1980.) 21.00

TANO! - s/t LP (Debut LP of TANO! from Girona/Cataluya.) 12.00

T H E Y S L E E P W E L I V E - E s c a p i n g T h e M e a s u r e s O f T i m e 1 2 " ( b e a u t i f u l i n t e n s e s c r e a m o f r o m g e r m a n y ) 1 1 . 0 0

TYCHO - epoch LP (ghostly - Epoch is the latest album from Scott Hansen's continually expanding project Tycho. The new album is at once a departure and an evolution for Tycho; honing the sonic aesthetic of Dive while drawing on the kinetic energy of Awake, it explores darker themes and new musical territory) 18.00

UNIFORM - wake in fright LP (sacred bones - Wake in Fright, the second full-length by the New York City duo Uniform, is a harrowing exploration of self-medication, painted in the colors of war. Following the Ghosthouse 12", whose A-side Pitchfork called “their most relentless track yet,” vocalist Michael Berdan and guitarist/producer Ben Greenberg return with a new batch of even more punishing songs that incorporate elements of industrial music, thrash metal, harsh noise, and power electronics.) 21.00

W I N T E R D U S T - t h r e s h o l d s L P ( v o i c e o f t h e - T h r e s h o l d s i s m i d w a y b e t w e e n a n e p a n d a n a l b u m , w i t h a h e a v y , s t r o n g a n d f o g g y m o r n i n g l i g h t o n w i d e n e d s o n g s a i m i n g t o a f i n a l w a k i n g u p . ) 1 1 . 0 0

Z O R O A S T E R - d o g m a g i c 2 x L P ( k r e a t i o n - A t l a n t a s l o r d s o f h e a v i n e s s a r e b a c k w i t h t h e i r d e b u t f u l l - l e n g t h a l b u m , D o g M a g i c . T h i s r e c o r d t a k e s a m a s s i v e e v o l u t i o n a r y s t e p i n t h e Z O R O A S T E R s o u n d , i n c o r p o r a t i n g n u m e r o u s f o r e i g n - t o - m o s t - d o o m m e t a l e l e m e n t s t h a t m a k e t h i s r e c o r d t r u l y s t a n d o u t a s a m o n u m e n t f o r t h e g e n r e . T h e v a r i a t i o n f r o m g r o o v e - l a d e n j a m s t o e p i c s l o o o o o o w d o o m i n t e r m i n g l e d w i t h p s y c h e d e l i c s p a c e y M o o g a m b i e n c e i s o u t s t a n d i n g a n d k e e p s t h e r e c o r d v e r y i n t e r e s t i n g a l l a r o u n d . A n t i c i p a t e n o t h i n g l e s s t h a n a 6 5 - p l u s m i n u t e v o y a g e i n t o u l t r a l o w - e n d r o c k i n ' d o o m h e a v i n e s s t h a t w i l l l e a v e y o u f l o o r e d a n d b e g g i n g f o r m o r e . ) 2 0 . 0 0

V/A - Avon Calling: The Bristol Compilation LP (The music emulating from in and around Bristol in the southwest of England during the late 70's and early 80's remains today as some of the most innovative and important from that era. Many of the creators of these sounds went on to do great things internationally, though it's the origins that this release is centred on. Heartbeat Records, Bristols' premiere independent label managed to capture most of this through a series of now highly acclaimed 7'singles - now much sought after by collectors, and with the showcase compilation album Avon Calling described by John Peel as 'the one that sets the standard for any future compilation, not a bad track on it - truly superb' and playing 2-3 tracks every night for many weeks following its release. Now finally after twenty five years, that album and those singles are now available again on this digital album telling the story of how twenty bands and one label took a slice of time and made a piece of history.) 16.00

V/A - Ethiopian Hit Parade Vol. 1 LP (heavenly - After releasing around fifty 45 rpm singles and his first 33 rpm album, AMHA ESTHETE set about compiling his best 45s on a series of now legendary albums (the originals are impossible to find) in 1972. The first four volumes of Ethiopian Hit Parade were released in September and October 1972, with the fifth volume appearing in January 1973. Features tracks from ALÈMAYÈHU ESHÈTÉ & ALL STAR BAND, GIRMA BÈYÈNÈ, GEMETCHU ITANA, SÈYFU YOHANNES & SOUL ECHOS BAND, ABAYNÈH DÈDJÈNÉ, TÈSHOMÈ METEKU, MENELIK WÈSNATCHÈW & THE ASHANTIS, MULUQÈN MÈLLÈSSÈ & ALL STAR BAND, MULATU ASTATQÉ, and ESSATU TÈSSÈMMA.) 26.00


G.L.O.S.S. - Demo Reissue TAPE (First 5 track demo from Olympia based trans/freak hardcore punk band, besides from angry and catchy tunes the band ideologically and, as a result, lyrically, stands against shit like homophobia, transphobia, sexism, racism and other garbage. Essential hardcore punk demo of 2015) 6.00

JÆNG - demo TAPE (voice from - Ripping 6 tracks of angriest råpunk from punks outta Olympia WA. For all fans of Totalitar, Discard, Mob47, Ferocious X, Framtid. ) 6.00

RANK / XEROX - Mass Transit TAPE (This tapes incl. the songs from the out of print Tape with Grass Widow and the out of print 7" pressing of 100 ) 6.00

WARTHOG - Discography TAPE (18 tracks of furious hardcore punk outta NYC! Songs from demo tape, Prison 7", Exterminate Me 7", s/t 7" and promo tape to the latest 7"!) 6.00

x we are more straight edge than you x

Re: Bis Aufs Messer Jan (Bohren, Sex Prisoner, Weekend Nachos, Mothercount

Hi, well – where should we start.. this week has been crazy. We got four new ADAGIO830 releases. 1. ARTEFACT – votive offering LP, 2. KINDLING – no generation LP and then the RANK/XEROX – 12“ and the RANK / XEROX – mass transit TAPE and a ltd RANK / XEROX T-shirt. And then we got two new VENDETTA releases 1. the ADDAURA  - same LP and 2. VUKARI - divination LP – plus the repress VOID OMNIA – dying light (a few on petrol blue vinyl) ..

And then tons of mailroder stuff arrived like the new TY SEGALL LP, the new CLOUD NOTHINGS LP, new COD ORANGE LP, JULIEN BAKER restock, the BEYOND LP re issue on revelation, GLENN JONES - his is the Wind That Blows It Out  LP re issue, GLOSS restock, TRUE LOVE and ADVENT LP on bridge9, NEUE KRANKENSCHEINE - Neue Krankenscheine 7" re issue (ltd to 200), RUN THE JEWELS (EL P & KILLER MIKE) - run the jewels 3 DLP, SLEEP – clarity 12“ and other SL restocks, a ltd bert Jansch box and lots moreeeeee.

And then some events for you J

First one is a little Sport / Swain tour

then vendetta started his pre sale for his upcoming vendetta fest (check his big cartel)

and then in April also


Robert & Klose & Norman

[email protected]


BL'AST! / EYEHATEGOD - split 7" (rise -  This split teams up two legends with Santa Cruz, CA surfing/riff purveyors Bl'ast! doing one track of powerful hardcore punk packed with riffing and oozing with Sabbath/Black Flag vibes, while New Orleans druglords Eyehategod bring a track of their signature sludge.) 8.00

CHEPANG - Lathi Charge 7" ("Grindcore and politics go together like peanut butter and chocolate; sure, you can enjoy one without the other, but they're far more powerful when swirled together by a steady hand. Case in point: Chepang, an NYC-via-Nepal quintet who have just exploded onto the scene with a vicious new album, Lathi Charge, that combinesr grind, powerviolence, hardcore punk, crust, goregrind, and noise with a strident message about oppression and class warfare into a deadly blend they've dubbed "immigrindcore." Recorded by engineer Kevin Bernstein at Developing Nations Studio and mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boadright, Lathi Charge is a compelling listen for anyone interested in modern grindcore, but doubly so for those who prefer their riffs to come sharpened with political intent."  (Noisey)) 5.00

G.L.O.S.S. - same 7" plus fanzine (nervous nellly - Girls Living Outside Society's Shit. Vinyl pressing following two initial cassette runs of the stellar debut from this Olympia, WA powerhouse. All copies come with a 'zine from members of the band, and also five perfect hardcore rippers pressed into the surface of the record for hours of your enjoyment. Now available again on vinyl.) 7.00

NEUE KRANKENSCHEINE - Neue Krankenscheine 7" (kernkrach - 7” : Ltd. to 200 copies inside screen-printed aluminium covers, incl. Inserts, yellow Vinyl Electronic, Experimental, Minimal, NDW (Germany 1984). REMASTERD FROM C60 TAPE RELEASE 1984. ) 14.00

KRIMEWATCH - Demo 2016 7" (looking out - New from NYC, Japanese punk meets American hardcore. Krimewatch keeps it simple with shouty vocals and driving beats. Demo recording remastered and pressed on vinyl.) 7.00

THE POSE - Dig An Endless Grave 7" (This is the debut EP of thud-y, ugly hardcore from this Houston band. Hard, nasty, ogreish, heavy hardcore that has flashes of metal, but isn't metallic — I mean, Tim Yo called VOID "metallic" in MRR #2, so consider that. Members of BACK TO BACK and DRESS CODE. 250 copies, all black vinyl.) 8.50

PRIMAL RITE - Hatred in a Mask of Flowers 7" (warthog - Debut single from this new Bay Area band featuring former members of Scalped. They've managed to generate some buzz right off the bat, and in addition to this single they've already planned a follow-up record on Grave Mistake and a debut LP on Revelation. I'm not sure if it's just me, but when I listen to these two tracks, particularly the a-side, "Hatred in a Mask of Flowers," all I can think of is Integrity. It starts with this brooding swell of feedback, a chugging riff so primitive you could barely even call it a riff, and a whole heap of dive-bombs. The comparisons to Integrity don't end there, as there is plenty of lead guitar and brutal mosh to go around. It doesn't have the black metal and/or Japanese hardcore influences that I associate with Integrity, but this is a sound that seems, to me at least, very much rooted in the heavy, mosh-oriented sound of Victory Records in the 90s. I grew up on that style of hardcore and definitely have a soft spot for this style when it's done well, and I can see why Primal Rite is garnering a lot of attention. So pick this up and see if it tickles your fancy, and if it doesn't it looks like you'll probably be able to flip it to a Revelation collector in a couple of months.) 7.00

RED RED KROVVY - II 7" (helta - After releasing one of the best demos Australia's underground has seen in recent times, and a 7" on RIP SOCIETY to boot, this is RED RED KROVVY's follow up. Somewhat of a sequel, these songs continue on from their previous efforts, but are certainly RRK's strongest yet. An East Coast band, comprising members originally from Cairns but now situated across Sydney and Melbourne. This is female fronted, 70s sounding punk that could easily have fit on the Aussie Murder Punk compilations. Although I'm not sure they care much for the comparison. Punk for rock 'n ' roll's sake. No bullshit here. Recorded to tape and Mixed by Lincoln Brown (Housewives / Ghastly Spats) and Mastered by Mikey Young.) 10.00

RESPONSE - Stand Strong 7" (Continuing where they left off with their debut EP for Xpressions in 2015, the sophomore EP from Southern California's Response. After playing countless shows, embarking on several tours, and having more lineup changes than one can keep track of, Response has poured all of their anger, aggression, contempt, and frustration into five songs that intend to put straight edge hardcore back on the map. Unrelenting, uncompromising, and fervently straight edge. These 5 songs are the bands best work to date, and show that through true perseverance, one can overcome those that are trying to grind them down. Stand strong.) 7.00

STRANGERS - Where Do We Go? 7" (Strangers from L.A. present their debut 7” with four tracks that incorporate a mid-tempo vintage punk sound that evoke some quintessential L.A. bands from the past. Listening to these songs almost make you feel that you are spinning a lost Dangerhouse recording of some sort. Not to be lost by comparing them with something from the past--- Strangers are one of the most distinct and original sounding bands currently in L.A. with timeless guitar riffs accompanied by great bass lines their songs are brought together by Gabby’s insanely catchy vocals. A must have for those keeping track with what the L.A. DIY punk scene has been doing lately. Risographed covers and art done by Abe Social. ) 8.50

THE WAD - s/t 7" (lumpy - Outstanding new wave EP from rural Missouri. The world is not ready. Screen printed sleeves. ) 8.50


ADDAURA - addaura LP (vendetta - limited to 300 copies - orignialy self released by the band on cd-r this finally sees a vinylrelease by vendetta, remastered for vinyl__"As kingdoms collapse, the wretched queen would be pleased to have Addaura blasting throughout the castle hallways. This is an experimental black metal project based out of Seattle, WA that plays some of the most gut-wrenching, ambient, realistic tunes I've heard in a long time. It speaks volumes when a band understands the roots of the music they play. Addaura just gets it. With only this demo released, they seem to be a driving force in the west coast scene of metal, or at least I hope that's how it is. In the past, I've asked for several songs to be played at my funeral. It seems to just stack up quickly, doesn't it? Forget every track or album I've asked for in the past, this record is the one I want while humans mourn over my lifeless corpse and shed tears of sorrow for no good reason at all. __When you hear this record, it he gives you that feel of pain, pain that is literally sitting right inside you and no medicine can cure it. Addaura - the biggest secret in the metal world, hands down." (bloodorlove) ) 14.00

ADVENT - Pain & Suffering LP (bridge9 - ix years since calling it quits, North Carolina's Advent has returned and are as fierce as ever. Originally rising from the ashes of Beloved, Advent churns out brutally heavy, metal-infused hardcore. "Pain & Suffering" is their first recorded output since 2009's "Naked & Cold" (Solid State Records) and proves that Advent is back and more focused than ever. Vinyl version includes digital download.) 15.00

ARTEFACT - votive offering LP (adagio830 - Pressing Info 100 copies on White 300 copies on Black You might have previously chanced upon Artefact if you’ve got your ear to the ground of the fertile, exciting DIY punk circuit in the UK. Equally, they might be brand new to you, but there’s no shame in that game. Release-wise, the four-piece have gone straight from a demo to a debut LP – a step-up that, ‘Votive Offering’, the long player in question, justifies in a half-hour blaze of elegant, alluring gothic punk grandeur.  Artefact assembled in the Welsh capital, Cardiff, around late 2014 and debuted in early 2015 with a seven-song demo cassette. Featuring Hannah Saunders on vocals, Matthew Green on guitar, Jon Mohajer on bass and Danny Parsons on drums, members’ musical CVs span indiepop (Joanna Gruesome), post-hardcore (Facel Vega), emo (Plaids), garage punk (Twisted) and slowcore (Mars To Stay). This collective experience has certainly informed Artefact, in terms of how they operate and conduct themselves, but it should equally be seen as a clean break, and a chance to indulge their tastes for postpunk, goth, deathrock and the darker side of the tracks in general. Saunders – the only one of the quartet to be playing in a band for the first time – is a great and mercurial presence at the microphone, ramping up the drama and emotion running through ‘Votive Offering’. Her lyrics are suitably, poetically intriguing, heavy with alliteration and wordplay and spiked with literary and historical references. They meet their perfect match across these ten songs: rolling rhythms built from tom-heavy drums and punchy basslines, waves of ear-ringing chorus-pedal guitar, an ability to switch tempos from a brisk clip to a funereally slow march.‘Votive Offering’ is boosted by a recording (at North Wales’ Foel Studios) which gives each sonic element the spotlight it deserves, while retaining Artefact’s serrated edge, and mastering by prolific punk platter polisher, Daniel Husayn of North London Bomb Factory. The striking sleeve art comes from inside the mind of Scott Young, an American artist who has also fashioned covers for bands including Gag and Strutter. And it’s being released by German punk label Adagio830 (Diät, Dark Blue, Ranx/Xerox, Rat Columns) as a result of label owner Robert Schulze stumbling on an Artefact live set while on tour, and falling in love. Anyone whose tastes include foundation stones of goth such as Siouxsie & The Banshees or Bauhaus; The Mob, Part 1 and other names from the gloomier end of 1980s anarcho punk; or contemporary burners of the flame like Belgrado, Arctic Flowers or Anasazi… Artefact have made an album for you to fall in love with too. (Noel Gardener / The Quietus)) 12.00

BERT JANSCH - Living In The Shadow 4LP BOX-SET ('EARTH - Living In The Shadows' is a collection of Bert's 90's records (The Ornament Tree, When The Circus Comes To Town, and Toy Balloon), the set includes a 4th disc of exclusive unheard and unreleased material.) 65.00

BEYOND - No Longer At Ease LP (revealtion - Beyond, though short lived in the NYHC scene (1988-1989), made an impact with their personal brand of Long Island metal-tinged hardcore with intricate riffage and members going on to other influential hardcore bands on both coasts. Originally released in 1989 by Combined Effort Records and later reissued in 1997 on CD by Some Records, this is the first time "No Longer At Ease" has been available again on any format since then. This Revelation Records reissue is remastered from the original analog tapes, features original artwork and is pressed on limited color vinyl. LP includes digital download of this record.) 16.00

CHERRY GLAZERR - Apocalipstick LP (Society would deem that a prodigious girl can't be in a progressive rock band while also being in complete control of its creative vision, business plan and social messaging. Society is wrong. Clem, a 19 year old teen Queen with a headstrong resolve like her hero Patti Smith and a cartoon laugh like Muttley the dog, dreamed up Cherry Glazerr in her LA bedroom alone and is perhaps more capable of figuring a music career out than anyone who attempts this treacherous life path. And yet, she carries herself very lightly. “This one's going to be a flop!” she jokes, here to discuss the newly lined-up trio's second album, Apocalipstick. It's every bit as epic, funny, life-assuring, doom-defiant and flaming fire as that title sounds. What's more, it's the soundtrack to their collective rockstar evolution. Now bolstering Clem's vision is the loud-in-every-way-possible drummer Tabor Allen and the level-headed but bad-ass, multi-instrumentalist Sasami Ashworth who plays synths and notably French Horn (Clem is still scheming on how to incorporate that into Cherry Glazerr's sound). The first time the new trio all jammed together minds were blown. “My world was rocked,” recalls Clem. “I'd never played with someone who was technically that good before. It made me think, Man I gotta really step my shit up!” ) 19.00

CLOUD NOTHINGS - Life Without Sound LP (wichtia - While "Here And Nowhere Else" came together spontaneously, in the little time that touring allowed, "Life Without Sound" took shape under far less frenetic circumstances. For more than a year, frontman Dylan Baldi was able to write these songs and flesh them out with his bandmates before they finally joined producer John Goodmanson (Sleater Kinney, Death Cab For Cutie) at Sonic Ranch in El Paso, TX, for three weeks in March of 2016. The result is Baldi's most polished and considered work to date, an album that speaks to his evolving gift with melody while also betraying the sort of perspective that time provides. You can hear it in the aerodynamic guitar pop of "Modern Act" and feel it in the devastating wisdom of "Internal World," a lullaby-like howler that dwells on "the fact that being yourself can be uncomfortable and even potentially dangerous at times." LP includes digital download.) 25.00

CODE ORANGE - Forever LP (roadrunner -   The follow-up album to 2014's breakthrough "I Am King," "Forever" is heralded by the LPs title track. Recorded with producers Will Yip at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA and Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studios in Salem, MA, "Forever" is a jarring and experimental body of work, pushing the envelope with songs like "Bleeding In The Blur," "Kill The Creator" and "Spy." Vinyl version includes digital download.) 25.00

CROATIAN AMOR - The World LP (posh _ Long awaited reissue of Croatian Amor’s debut album from 2013. The World marked a switch in the project from the earliest tape experiments and this debut is in many ways a key release in the back catalogue of Posh Isolation. In 2013 the press text read; " The World is the debut album by Croatian Amor, following a long row of limited tapes on Posh Isolation. The World utilizes the same method of collaged melodies and real sounds, as the project has done up until now, but on the debut LP the pieces feel more thought out. The album runs like a soundtrack on which the actors’ voices were never cut from the score, field recordings and synth blends together in a beautiful yet nauseating audio pool.  Transit, plastic interior, insomnia, pornography and being alone. Being alone in large groups of people, being alone in thousands of years of civilization, being alone in a lover’s bed copulating. Euro magic, bubble-gum industrial, 1989.  ”The Lovers lost, that’s all.”) 22.00

EMPTYSET - borders LP (thrill jockey - Emptyset is the innovative electronic duo of James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas. The pair shares a history in Bristol’s underground music scene as well as an impressive list of production credits. Ginzburg, now Berlin based, runs a network of record labels including electronic music label Subtext and Arc Light Editions, whose reissues include a work by Arthur Russell. He's a prolific producer and remixer for both independent and major labels, with diverse projects such as Faint Wild Light, Ginz and more recently Bleed Turquoise. Purgas, now based in London, founded the We Elude Control label in 2009, a curated collection of rare experimental music. Purgas is an artist, writer and curator who has presented projects with Tate, Whitechapel and Serpentine Galleries, and he is also an active promoter of electronic music in eclectic spaces from a carpark to a Modernist pavilion.) 18.00

GLENN JONES - his is the Wind That Blows It Out  LP (thrill jockey - From Strange Attractors Audio House: “At long-last, the time is nigh for Jones to release his debut solo album. This Is The Wind That Blows It Out - Solos for 6 & 12 String Guitar is a collection of stylistically ambitious, utterly sublime acoustic steel-string compositions, proving beyond a shred of doubt that Jones is of a rare class of modern compositional guitarists in today's burgeoning avant folk scene. ) 18.00

JULIEN BAKER - Sprained Ankle LP (6131 - For years, Julien Baker and a group of close friends have performed as the band Forrister (formerly The Star Killers), but when college took her four hours away, Baker's need to continue creating found an outlet through solo work. At the prompting of a friend, she ventured to Richmond, VA to record a number of her new songs at Spacebomb Studios. Thankfully, now the world will be able to share in her passion and sorrow. New pressing now available on clear with blue splatter vinyl. Vinyl version includes download code.) 20.00

OKKULTOKRATI -  Raspberry Dawn LP (southern lord - Raspberry Dawn is weird, wired and quite possibly the holy grail for those looking for radical rock reinvention and new sensations in the current era. Twisted like Bauhaus meets Celtic Frost. Okkultokrati sound like they’re playing to you from a different dimension. On Raspberry Dawn, Okkultokrati thrust the hectic rock and roll that they have cultivated since their 2008 inception into more extraordinary situations. Classic 70s riffing, snotty punk and brash old school metal are inventively mixed with pulses and spikes of dark wave and ice cold, psychedelic repetition. They execute these infectious tunes effortlessly, playing with the attitude they retained from their roots in rural hard rock and busting a propulsive stomp that aligns them closer to the clarity of recordings from decades past, also exemplified by spring reverb twangs that ping across the mix like rubber bands.) 18.00

RANK / XEROX - m.y.t.h. 1 (adagio830 - RANK / XEROX from San Francisco finally return with four songs of messy post-punk with hidden pop james and dark guitar scratchers and synth screamers. Distorting messy and catchy at the same time. ) 12.00

RUIN - He-Ho/Fiat Lux DLP (southern l ord - Southern Lord are extremely pleased to be reviving the music of Philadelphia's lost punk heroes, Ruin. Long considered a treasured local delicacy of the city's earlier hardcore scene, Ruin released two albums during their original run, 1984's He-Ho and 1986's Fiat Lux, both of which will be combined in for a vinyl release this December. Set against the backdrop of a city destroying itself in slow motion, Ruin were of a Philly generation that had to create its own culture to push back against the despair and dead ends that they were confronted with. Their relative isolation is mirrored in the distance between Ruin's muscular, turbo-garage jams and the rest of US punk/HC at the time - the band got it across not through violent speed and mania, but with body-shaking chunks of simpler punk that refused to fit in with the wider template. Labelled from their early days as a Buddhist hardcore band (though not strictly the truth), Ruin are an object of intrigue that have rewarded the curious since 1982, but getting your hands on either out of print He-Ho or Fiat Lux has never been an easy task. A recorded output that totals 28 tracks (including a couple of significant Leonard Cohen covers that were praised by the artist himself) will at last be available on a wider scale, including original scans of the detailed lyric sheets and inserts, as well as in depth retrospective notes that help to place Ruin in Philly and punk history. ) 23.00

RUN THE JEWELS (EL P & KILLER MIKE) - run the jewels 3 DLP gold vinyl (Their highly anticipated new album features Danny Brown, Kamasi Washington, TV On The Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe, Trina, and more. Now people can get excited officially! solid gold double vinyl with stickers, lyric sheet and cover poster ) 37.00

SLEEP - The Clarity 12“ (southern l ord - Song "The Clarity” on side A, Etching on side B.Finally… a new Sleep song!!! The first new song from the masters since their life changing, anthemic 63 minutes & 36 second opus to marijuana: Dopesmoker (1999)!: “The Clarity” on side A, Etching on side B. Artwork (Etching) by David V. D’Andrea. Mastered by John Golden. Recorded by Noah Landis. “The Clarity” 12” was previously only available directly from the band via their merch table or online web-store. This Southern Lord version has been recut by Adam Gonsalves/Telegraph Mastering) 19.00

SLOWLY WE ROT - Poverty Of Existence LP (SLOWLY WE ROT was founded in the summer of 2013 by vocalist & guitarist Niels, who also played in Worms Feed and drummer Vic, followed by the bassist, Chris.  7 months later, unannounced and without stormy hypes or trailers they sent a very rough version of “Solitary Realm” out into the world. Soon after the band agreed with labels Skin & Bones Records from the UK and Dark Omen Records to a split release with Depravation on august 1st 2014, featuring two of their songs. As future plans developed and musical differences came up the band went through a line-up change. Vic was replaced by Ibn and Andy took over the 2nd guitar duties. Now, a few months later, Slowly We Rot is ready for the vinyl release of “Poverty of Existence” and to penetrate your eardrums again.) 12.00

SUNLUN / CHAMBERS - split LP (Dark crust hardcore act SUNLUN and blackened, atmospheric post hardcore band CHAMBERS (Berlin) have just dropped a stunning new split record that builds towers of noise, slamming riffs and establishes itself as one of 2016’s finest, underrated dark hardcore releases. Please give these guys the treatment they deserve and play it loud!) 12.00

SVARTER GREINER - Moss Garden LP (miasmah - Two sidelong excursions by Erik K Skodvin aka Svarte Greiner. Side A is a moving piece, it features a disorientating bassline in slow motion, creeping underneath some delicate work of strings. There's a certain flirtation with the sublime here, but then the track enters some strange landscape, "a desolate wasteland filled with electric organisms." Side B is an epic drone piece called 'Garden'. A Garden, which is dark and comforting at the same time. Recommended) 18.00

TRUE LOVE (MI) - Heaven's Too Good For Us LP (bridge 9 - True Love (MI) takes diverse inspiration from classic, late-'80s youth crew and early 2000s hardcore, turning it into an intense whirlwind on their full-length debut, "Heaven's Too Good For Us." A blistering, cutthroat 16 minutes of cathartic exploration, straight-edge fury and relentless energy featuring guest spots from members of the current hardcore elite (Turnstile, Freedom, Forced Order), "Heaven's Too Good For Us" is a uniquely excellent entry that propels the band into that very class. For fans of American Nightmare, Youth Of Today, Carry On and Right Brigade. Vinyl version includes digital download.) 16.00

TY SEGALL - ty segall LP (drag city - Life is a Rorschach, life is a Rashomon. Fuck your facts. Throw ‘em out with yesterday’s webpages. Lives lie beyond the equations of currency, border lines and government—and truth is just a drop in the beholder’s eye. TY SEGALL has made whole records that wrestle with realities—fighting against some, pulling mightily to bring others into being. Of late, he’s thrown up his hands and donned clown shoes, dancing merrily in the dual role of oppressed/oppressor! His hands aren’t any more or less dirty than anyone else’s—but amidst the thunder and the chaos of the ongoing storm, he’s looking for the eye within. The new self-titled record—the next record after Emotional Mugger, Manipulator, Sleeper, Twins, Goodbye Bread, Melted, Lemons, and the first self-titled album that started it up in the now-distant year of 2008—is a clean flow, a wash of transparency falling into a world that needs to see a few things through clearly, to their logical end. It’s got some of the most lobe-blasting neckwork since the Ty Segall Band’s Slaughterhouse, but it also features a steep flight of fluent acoustic settings, as Ty’s new songs range around in their search for freedom without exorcism, flying the dark colors high up the pole in an act of simple self-reclamation. All he wants is some truth! The construction and destruction of his chosen realities has, until now, been a luxury Ty has rightfully reserved for himself, striping overdubs together to form the sound—but for this new album, he entered a studio backed by a full band—EMMETT KELLY, MIKAL CRONIN, CHARLES MOOTHART, and BEN BOYE— to get a read on this so-called clarity. This leads to a new departure in group sound, as well as some of the most visceral and penetrating vocal passages yet heard from Ty Segall.= 20.00

VUKARI - divination LP ("... vendetta - Assuming, then, that “atmospheric” simply refers to a specific swelling, epic mood conjured by layers of rhythms and relentlessly climactic songwriting that corresponds to yet enhances distended pangs of neutral emotions, neither nihilistic nor depressive, then Vukari has indeed succeeded in this endeavor. The postmodern textures surprisingly add much-needed depth to the sound, which one might not even realize until the disc finishes spinning, which tells us that these influences are so smartly blended in that the overarching picture isn’t meant to be dismantled for further inspection. Vukari’s sound is something much bigger, much fuller than that would suggest, and their sophomore release is a good exercise in how to create a musical journey that cannot be indulged in pieces, but as a whole. ) 14.00

WELLS FARGO - Watch Out! LP (now again - Wells Fargo were part of a counterculture that has been almost totally forgotten, even in its country of origin. In the 1970s, during the last decade of Zimbabwe’s War of Independence, rock music exploded with a message of unity and hope. Wells Fargo was at the forefront of the “Heavy Music” movement serving as fuel for the fight. Originally released as a series of singles, this is the first time their music has been released since its initial, limited pressing. More than four decades later we proudly present to you, in collaboration with Now Again Records, Watch Out for the first time in album form.) 25.00

V/A - Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies From The Canyon LP (By 1970, the folk revival had all but ended. Gone were the heady days of “Will The Circle Be Unbroken” and “If I Had A Hammer.” Hootenanny had been cancelled. Broadside was out, Rolling Stone in. Richard Fariña was dead; Bob Dylan had plugged in. Paths paved by Joan Baez and Judy Collins had led a younger, more introspective generation of songwriters into the woods, while the ethos forged in weather-beaten hills and tempered on the lower east side of Manhattan was being reborn in the canyons of California, as songs for seagulls crafted in Joni Mitchell’s visage. Culled from beyond the crop of crit-revisionist darlings Linda Perhacs, Judee Sill, or Vashti Bunyan, Ladies From The Canyon examines the world of private folk via the works of 14 unlikely heroines who sang beneath the infrastructure of the music business, playing to coffeehouse chatter and church picnic silence. Each of these Wayfaring Strangers walk in the handmade aesthetic of lyrics scribbled into faded denim, of delicate movements captured and released.) 24.00


RANK / XEROX - Mass Transit TAPE (adagio830 - This tapes incl. the songs from the out of print Tape with Grass Widow and the out of print 7"pressing of 100 ) 6.00


THE WIRE - #396 | February 2017 MAG (Inside this issue: Run The Jewels: The all-conquering partnership of Brooklyn rapper/producer El-P and Atlanta MC Killer Mike has birthed a third album whose aggressive optimism offers a tonic for troubled times. By Joseph Stannard Edward Artemiev: The celebrated Russian composer – whose electronic tones graced film maker Andrei Tarkovsky’s finest moments – has shifted focus towards a Dostoyevsky rock opera. By Nikita Velichko Lisbon: Centred around the Clean Feed and Creative Sources labels, the Portuguese capital’s new jazz vanguard are reaping the benefits of their relative isolation. By Stewart Smith and more) 8.00


ADAGIO830 - coffee saves my life T-shirt  Russet Brown (Russet Brown shirt w/ black printHeavy Cotton Gildan  in S/M/L/XL) 12.00
RANK / XEROX - m.y.t.h. T-Shirt (adagio830 – Ltd RANK / XEROX t-shirt White front print on black Stanley & Stella shirts (sweatshop free shirts made in Belgium) in S/M/L/XL) 15.00

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