Topic: Civilised Society? AFU, Eslege, Public Gallery + more

Rebel Cat is pleased to present in one of a few UK dates the specially reformed Civilised Society?, Armoured Flu Unit, Eslege, Public Gallery, Sods Law and Fear Insight.
This is not to be missed!

Civilised Society? … 3/?fref=ts

Armoured Flu Unit … l/?fref=ts

Eslege (AnarkoPunk - from Genova. Italy) … e_internal

Public Gallery

Sods Law

Fear Insight … 4/?fref=ts

9th July 2017 - Doors open 7pm
Advance Tickets £7.00, On the door £8/£7 members … 1043235152

Local accomodation: … ndex.shtml … LBC_BRAHUN … e-inn.html