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'Eight Feet Under Volume 1' 2xLP compilation

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday August 2 2017 in New Releases

The ever-busy IFB Records have just released a whopping double LP compilation of international screamo. Here're some details: "Eight-band/four-country split 2x12" with gatefold cover! A truly stunning snapshot of eight fantastic EPs, including new/exclusive songs from (Sweden) Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket and Via Fondo, (Canada) Nous Etions and The World That Summer, (USA) Sleeper Wave and Youth Novel, (Italy) Lamantide and Pastel. 2x12" black vinyl in a gatefold cover with art by Italian graffiti artist Nero. Comes with a download code. 2-4 songs by each band for a total of 22 tracks." Cripes!

link: ifbrecords.com

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