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Shellac - 'The End Of Radio' 2xLP

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday April 16 2019 in New Releases

Touch & Go are releasing a collection of Shellac's Peel Sessions (one each from 1994 and 2004) this June. It all looks very handsome, of course.

link: tgrec.com

The Retun of The Urion Ares

added by Andy Malcolm on Saturday April 6 2019 in New Releases

The Union Ares was a band that happened after Kolya but faded away. A rather unlikely scenario has now unfolded where original member Todd Giles has got together with folk from Scots emo band Carson Wells and started recording new music. Check out an excellent new song below, and get excited.

Christie Front Drive s/t LP reissue

added by Alex Deller on Thursday April 4 2019 in Reissues

Dark Operative Records are reissuing the s/t Christie Front Drive LP, in case you haven't got an OG copy and didn't pick up the reissue that Magic Bullet did. There are of course numerous colour variations, because this is the world we live in now.

link: darkops.site

Mutilated Tongue - 'Fuel The Flame' LP

added by Alex Deller on Thursday April 4 2019 in New Releases

Mutilated Tongue is a new hardcore band made up of folks from Look Back And Laugh (as well as Talk Is Poison, Mindless Mutant, Needles and about a bajillion other bands). They say their main influences are acts like So Much Hate, Youth Of Today, Raw Power and The FU's, and you can see how accurate this is by checking out their debut LP, 'Fuel The Flame', which is out now via Armageddon Records.

link: armageddonlabel.bigcartel.com

Ut gigs

added by Alex Deller on Friday March 29 2019 in Gigs

The brilliant Ut are playing a handful of gigs to celebrate the reissue of their debut LP, 'Conviction' (out via Out Records on April 5). Here is where and when:

April 06 - Sonic Protest festival, Paris

April 18 - The Islington, London

April 19 - The Exchange, Bristol

April 20 - Le Public Space, Newport

link: utmusic.bandcamp.com

Machetazo - 'Sinfonías del Terror Ciego' reissue

added by Alex Deller on Sunday March 3 2019 in Reissues

Throne Records are reissuing Machetazo's 2005 LP, 'Sinfonías del Terror Ciego'. This edition comes with revamped artwork, including all new liner notes from Dave Wagner (Evoken), Pierre De Palmas (Braindead Mag.) and Doc Holocausto (Evilspeak Mag.)

link: thronerecs.com