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Whipping Post - 'Spurn Point' LP

added by Alex Deller on Monday June 26 2017 in New Releases

Whipping Post are a good, new-ish band who play ugly, belligerent hardcore. I should really have reviewed their demo, but in all honesty I've just been rather pathetic. Anyway. They have an album out later in the year. It's called 'Spurn Point' and will be released by Whip It! Records. Check out three tracks from it via the Bandcamp link below.

link: whipping-post.bandcamp.com/album/spurn-point-lp-preview

Krimewatch s/t 7"

added by Alex Deller on Thursday June 22 2017 in New Releases

Static Shock have released a 7" from Krimewatch, who just played some gigs this side of the pond. The label says: "New York City's Krimewatch are one of the most exciting bands to emerge from hardcore in the last year. The five tracks on this EP are a combination of Japanese punk and early NYHC; keeping it simple with shouted vocals (in both Japanese and English) and driving beats. This 7" is the bands first recordings, now remastered and pressed on vinyl to coincide with their just completed UK / Euro tour."

link: staticshockrecords.limitedrun.com

Wolfbeast Destroyer / This Ends Here - split tape

added by Alex Deller on Thursday June 22 2017 in New Releases

Two types of D-beat on one tape. One band from Boston, not Boston and one from Bristol. It comes to us courtesy of Prejudice Me, Never Fall Into Silence and Fenland Hardcore Collective.

link: thisendshere.bandcamp.com/album/this-ends-here-wolfbeast-destroyer-split

New Beach Fossils

added by Oli Saunders on Monday May 29 2017 in New Releases

Beach Fossils' new album Somersault comes out June 2nd. At the time of writing there are five tracks available to stream on Bandcamp. They are due to tour the UK in August:

Aug 26 - Headrow House & Belgrave Music Hall - Leeds, UK
Aug 27 - Hardly a Party - Bristol, UK
Aug 30 - Oslo Hackney - London, UK
Sep 02 - O2 Ritz Manchester - Manchester, UK

link: https://beachfo.bandcamp.com/

Sievehead - 'Worthless Soul' LP pre-order

added by Alex Deller on Friday April 28 2017 in Pre-orders

Static Shock are taking pre-orders for the new Sievehead LP, which is called 'Worthless Soul'. Here's the blurb: "Representing Sheffield's DIY beacon, The Lughole comes the modern punk band of everyone's dreams. Since the release of 'Into The Blue' on Evil Hoodoo/Milk Run and their 'Buried Beneath' 7" on Static Shock Records, Sievehead have had their praise splattered left, right and centre. Drawing heavily from their UK punk/hardcore roots, adding layers of shimmering guitar and vocals that would make Danzig, Wayne Kramer or DFL shiver, the lads from Arundel Street have created a futuristic punk sound so suited to the current bleakness of the developing neo-liberal landscape, that when listened to on the street you can almost feel your feet leave the ground and float in an impenetrable state of defiance. Now armed with their new LP 'Worthless Soul', they're ready to destroy and conquer everything and everyone in their path."

link: staticshockrecords.limitedrun.com

Violent Pacifists CD and 7"

added by Alex Deller on Thursday April 27 2017 in New Releases

Violent are a hardcore band from Dundee playing music of the short/fast/loud variety. They have a CDEP out now and a 7" available for pre-order. The former has 39 songs on it and the latter 40, and we can only assume that barring that one extra song that it's the same stuff on each, because anything else would just be insanity.

link: everydaymadnesseverydayrecords.bigcartel.com