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Burning Airlines 3xLP pre-order

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday March 20 2018 in Pre-orders

Arctic Rodeo are taking pre-orders for a Burning Airlines 3xLP set. Alongside the two LPs you get half a record's worth of acoustic stuff as well - whether this makes it different enough to warrant purchasing it on top of those earlier reissues only you can decide.

link: arcticrodeorecordings.com

New records from Drunken Sailor

added by Alex Deller on Friday March 16 2018 in New Releases

Drunken Sailor have two new records out: the self-titled full-length from Indiana garage types The Fritz and a six-song 7" from Montreal punx Impotentie, which is entitled 'Demonstratieve Opnamens'.

link: drunkensailorrecords.co.uk

Rixe and Snob releases from LVEUM

added by Alex Deller on Friday March 16 2018 in New Releases

La Vida Es Un Mus have two new releases out - a 'promo cassette' from French Oi poster children Rixe and a full-length from wonderful London punx Snob.

link: lavidaesunmus.com

Hookworms reissues

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday February 28 2018 in Reissues

Gringo Records have reissued the 'Pearl Mystic' LP and s/t 12" from TOTP contenders Hookworms. Both come on cool splattery vinyl.

link: gringorecords.limitedrun.com

Seven Days Of Samsara 2xLP

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday February 28 2018 in New Releases

Seven Days Of Samsara were a neat, heavy, screamy-shouty hardcore band who were most active in the early 00s. They're releasing a 2xLP discography in April, which you can get from them direct in the States or from Moment Of Collapse in Europe.

link: sevendaysofsamsara.bandcamp.com

Duke Nukem - s/t LP

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday February 20 2018 in New Releases

The vinyl version of Duke Nukem's debut album is out now. Stateside it comes via SPHC, in Russia it's on Headnoise and in Europe Kämäset Levyt ‎and Argh.fuck.kill. are doing the honours. Since I heard the news via an SPHC newsletter, you get their version of events: "Duke Nukem play metalpunk: Motörhead provides the basic foundation, and that's built upon with a punk sense of velocity and attitude, and a metal sense of wild guitar solos and epic riffing. Inepsy is an obvious comparison point, but this is way more unrestrained and the riffs show a heavier NWOBHM influence. Poison Arts, but more brutal and less poppy. For my ears, this is one of the best releases of this style in the last few years. The songs have a badass swagger, the solos are wild, the riffs are epic, the vocals brutal but catchy. Can't ask for more, it's picture-perfect."

link: dukenukem.bandcamp.com