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New New Year.

added by Alex Deller on Thursday April 13 2017 in New Releases

The band that is called The New Year have a new album on the way. Who knew! It is called 'Snow' and looks to be being released by German label Grand Hotel van Cleef.

link: thenewyear.net

Current Affairs EP and tour

added by Alex Deller on Monday April 10 2017 in New Releases

Glasgow "gothy post-punk" band Current Affairs have a cassette EP out now. You can listen to it via the bandcamp link below, and also catch them live in these places this week:

11/04 - Edinburgh, Banshee Labyrinth

12/04 - Gateshead, Old Police House

13/04 - Leeds, Wharf Chambers

14/04 - London, The Lexington

15/04 - Bristol, Cafe kino

16/04 - Manchester, Fallow Cafe

link: comidillotapes.bandcamp.com/album/current-affairs-object

Sheer Mag - Compilation LP

added by Alex Deller on Saturday April 8 2017 in New Releases

Static Shock (or Wilsuns RC, if you're stateside) have just released a compilation LP from the wonderful Sheer Mag. Here's the skinny: "Sheer Mag's Compilation LP features the Philadelphia rock band's three seven-inches, released between 2014 and 2016. All twelve songs were recorded onto the same vintage 8-track tape machine, carted to various locations around Philadelphia. The first two were produced in a makeshift studio wedged between two bedrooms in the band's former South Philly house, while the third came out of a practice space in the Port Richmond neighbourhood. Sequenced chronologically, the newly remastered songs reveal a young DIY band finding its sound."

Next up from Static Shock will be a 7" from arch snarkers Sarcasm and a new LP from Sievehead. Cool.

link: staticshockrecords.blogspot.co.uk

Evoken 'Embrace The Emptiness' reissue

added by Alex Deller on Friday April 7 2017 in Reissues

Season Of Mist are reissuing Evoken's 'Embrace The Emptiness' debut on vinyl. Pre-orders are up now for fans of crushing death-doom who didn't grab the Kreation Records version a few years back.

link: season-of-mist.com

Endless Grinning Skulls - 'Risus Sardonicus' LP

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday April 4 2017 in New Releases

The second LP from Endless Grinning Skulls, entitled 'Risus Sardonicus', is out now via Viral Age. You can expect some searing, vengeful hardcore punk from it, I would imagine.

link: viralagerecords.blogspot.com

Saligia - 'The New Innocence' 10"

added by Alex Deller on Monday April 3 2017 in New Releases

A newie out via IFB. Says they: "Members of Republic of Dreams, Lentic Waters, Resurrectionists, Apoplexy Twist Orchestra and many others bring you a new dose of swirling intense emo-violent chaos with powerful screamed vocals, meaningful and important lyrics, and enough 'Chaos Is Me'-era Orchid influence to please us punks that want our emo foul and furious and intent on smashing all oppression. Fight back."

link: ifbrecords.com