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Soul Structure - new album release!

added by Andy Malcolm on Friday February 24 2017 in Bands

Soul Structure - Sacred Commons : New album available to download and stream via Bandcamp is out today.

12 tracks of wonky spaced out hippycore from Nottingham, UK - featuring members of The Blue Period, Plaids, What Price Wonderland. Composed, produced, recorded, mixed, mastered by the band at First Love Studios, Nottingham. There is a short run of CDs and Cassettes will be available on the mainland EU tour. The band are still looking to fill a few dates so if you can with any of these:

10th - HELP NEEDED! Cologne/Düsseldorf/Bielefeld???
12th - HELP NEEDED! Munich/Freiburg???
14th - HELP NEEDED! Frankfurt/Marburg???"

Please send them an email at [email protected]

Additional tour info here https://www.facebook.com/events/700004050160686

link: soulstructure.bandcamp.com/album/sacred-commons

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