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Zounds - Redemption of Zounds
Redemption of Zounds
Overground, 2011

Reviewed on Jan 30, 2012

this isjust an album that I didn't need to hear

City Dweller - s/t
City Dweller
self released, 2012

Reviewed on Jan 22, 2012

Revolution Winter?

Shores - Little One
Little One
No Idea, 2011

Reviewed on Jan 5, 2012

not only is this record not pointless, it's actually good

Facel Vega - The Body
Facel Vega
The Body
art for blind, 2011

Reviewed on Dec 18, 2011

There are not many UK DIY bands I feel any real affinity with beyond music

No - Demo
self released, 2011

Reviewed on Jul 24, 2011


Satellites of Love - demo
Satellites of Love
self released, 2011

Reviewed on Jul 6, 2011

Doing it wrong

Small Brown Bike - Fell & Found
Small Brown Bike
Fell & Found
No Idea Records, 2011

Reviewed on Jul 4, 2011

Good comeback, until the pianos come in

Joan of Arc - Life Like
Joan of Arc
Life Like
Polyvinyl, 2011

Reviewed on May 22, 2011

Is Kinsella back on the horse?

Gropetown - Phat Trophies - split
Gropetown - Phat Trophies
Winning Sperm Party, 2010

Reviewed on Feb 23, 2011

not for the faint hearted + 90s RPG theme music

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