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Opcion - Monus/Und
God Records, 2015

Reviewed on Feb 17, 2018

Sonically interesting.

Dark Blue - Red White And Dark Blue
Dark Blue
Red White And Dark Blue
Adagio830, 2016

Reviewed on Aug 16, 2017

A lush but prickly collection.

Vaaska - Futuro Primitivo EP
Futuro Primitivo EP
Beach Impediment - Vox Populi, 2016

Reviewed on Aug 11, 2017

still bashing out quality D-beat

Piss Vortex - Future Cancer
Piss Vortex
Future Cancer
Indisciplinarian, 2016

Reviewed on Feb 16, 2017

could be the soundtrack to some kind of martial arts body horror

Nikki Louder - Trout
Nikki Louder
MoonLee - Zars Records, 2016

Reviewed on Oct 20, 2016

musical pearls casually scattered through the album

Hebosagil - Lohtu
Ektro, 2016

Reviewed on Oct 11, 2016

The songs are not merely tight and crisp

Ashtar - Ilmasaari
Czar Of Bullets, 2015

Reviewed on Aug 23, 2016

a Swiss doom two-piece

Urban Savage - Let Thunder Roar
Urban Savage
Let Thunder Roar
Savage, 2014

Reviewed on Aug 20, 2016

something like the modern oi/punk hybrid of CRIMINAL DAMAGE

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