A horrible hack

Recommended Records

Boss - Steel Box
Steel Box
Goner, 2018

Reviewed on Feb 16, 2019

Lager than life.

Violence Creeps - Nephew Melting
Violence Creeps
Nephew Melting
Total Punk, 2018

Reviewed on Feb 2, 2019

Crash the pose.

Terrorist - American Today
American Today
Toxic State, 2018

Reviewed on Jan 27, 2019

Gasping for breath. Longing for death.

Uniform - The Long Walk
The Long Walk
Sacred Bones, 2018

Reviewed on Jan 4, 2019

Every shitty thing.

Vanilla Poppers - I Like Your Band
Vanilla Poppers
I Like Your Band
Drunken Sailor - Feel It, 2018

Reviewed on Jan 1, 2019

They probably do not like your band.

Remote Viewing - Blood Loss
Remote Viewing
Blood Loss
Hominid Sounds, 2018

Reviewed on Dec 31, 2018

Perverse brutality.

Dauoyflin - s/t
Iron Lung, 2018

Reviewed on Dec 28, 2018

Excellent Icelandic scrape.

Moonscape - Unarm - split
Moonscape - Unarm
Blackhole, 2018

Reviewed on Dec 22, 2018

A brilliant split.

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