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Geneva 13.10.2010

Year Released: 2014
Format: Tape
Label: Drid Machine
Reviewed by Gareth L on Apr 3, 2015
I'm still really digging cassettes. Some of my formative musical memories come from receiving and making them, indeed the ultra-hip Collective Zine was once not quite a hot bed but a perhaps a lukewarm bed of mixtape trading. How nice is it then in 2015 (I typed that as 2105 at first, will there still be cassettes then!?) to receive a tape, excellently packaged and sounding rather decent. Very nice actually.

What we have here are two long pieces, I'm assuming recorded live, of what I can best describe as kraut-jazz-rock. A few years ago I reviewed an album by Cut Iowa Network which was excellent and this takes me back to that record, here we have a little more brass but it is used quite sparingly to be more of an accent than a regular voice. The first side is a bit more striking, a bit louder, but it is the flip side that works best: a more spacey, experimental and chilled out set of sounds but still having all kinds of lovely percussion. This sounds pretty great on this bright, warm spring day after what seems like a lifetime of grey snowy ones. Music to watch grass emerge by.

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