A horrible hack

Veuve SS


Year Released: 2014
Format: 7"
Label: Adagio830 - Echo Canyon - Flower Of Carnage
Reviewed by Gareth L on Apr 3, 2015
Seeing 'SS' in a band name is always a bit of a concern but evidently this is not some bizarre right-wing hardcore thing. Nope. This is such a great little record that has an intro that sounds like Fucked Up but by the end of it you're not quite sure what hit you, although you know it certainly was not Fucked Up. The packaging looks a little bit modern art - there is literally no text and minimal colouring on the entire package - but the music is totally rough, heavy hardcore with a good amount of speed. You know that band The Gentle Art of Chokin'? Yeah, quite a bit like them, perhaps a bit chunkier. There is enough going on here across the six tracks to keep things very interesting and at times they cross into Weekend Nachos meets Battle of Wolf 359 territory. How's that for a comparison!

Unfortunately the type of record you would skip past in a distro because of the lack of information or genre cover giveaways, do yourself a favour and take a second look. And a first listen.

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