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Year Released: 2014
Format: Tape
Label: ruined smile
Reviewed by Joao on May 1, 2015
We have here the s/t tape by Ksilema from Minsk. I am afraid I know next to nothing about Belarus, but now I know they have at least one pretty kick ass band! This release is part of the recent string of tape releases by Ruined Smile from Australia, I have to say this is pretty excellent.

They play melodic punk/hardcore with emo leanings, akin to 1000 Travels of whatever, Yaphet Kotto or Bullets In, but with a firmer step in the melodic hardcore side of things. The guitars are noisy but melodic, although sometimes they get kind of busy (a bit like later Hot Cross). Fast drums all the way through, but with enough variation to keep it interesting. More obscure comparisons would be that Sog LP (more bands should have birds singing on their records by the way) or a more serious sounding Fischer (the American band, not the chess player). Might also appeal to fans of Lumber Lung and some bits even remind me of Raein. In general it sounds very mid 2000s to me I guess is what I am trying to say. The vocals are pretty amazing and perfect for the music, a lot of screams but sometimes doing the always good breathless thing. I have no idea of what they are singing about so hopefully they do not just have songs about reviewers being assholes or anything.

The songwriting is pretty good, catchy songs with plenty of changes without sounding all over the place. Very consistent! I imagine their live shows are pretty intense. Although it is probably the more predictable of the Ruined Smile recent releases (not exactly a groundbreaking release we have here), I have to say it is the one that grabbed me the most due to the energy they seem to put into it, and the good songwriting skills. I would be very interested in seeing this band live! Good job!

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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