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Beau Navire

Demo 2009

Year Released: 2013
Format: 10"
Label: Clue #2
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on Jun 2, 2015
Beau Navire is a guy out of Loma Prieta and some other people playing solid emo hardcore.

I would imagine if you are into this business then you will have a likely heard Beau Navire, I have one of their other records, Lumens and it too is a quality bit of classic screamo. This is much the same - a re-release of a previous demo tape, which looks like it was already reviewed on collective zine back in 2010! I did consider copying it - but then someone would notice that it was a good, well written review for once, so decided against it. This record is good enough and short enough that I have listened to it twice without noticing.

The song Diary of the Sun is a highlight for me (I was hoping my favourite song wouldn't be the same as the original review, but alas it is, I suppose a good song is a good song). Friving punk rock, not too overtly thrashy, nicely melodic (I love tuneless screaming thrashing around as violently as possible, but you have to have a rest sometimes.) It does have the slightly overdone spoken word section, but itís done in a nice way and has a excellent post spoken word emo breakdown. The song that follows it is also great. I have always admired the way these sort of bands can make guitar parts that sound so sweet and nice yet sound so aggy. I guess put screeching, and blast beats over anything itís going to sound a bit aggro.

A good record, worth listening to, especially as prior to listening to a later Beau Navire record - I think I prefer the demo, it has a rougher element, that adds to it, and makes them feel more like kids playing in a garage having fun, rather than the slightly more serious business that came later.

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