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Danyl Jesu - Barge With An Antenna On It


Year Released: 2015
Format: 12" EP
Label: Sonic Masala
Reviewed by MH on Jun 3, 2015
This is some noisy stuff on a split EP from two Brisbane duos I've not managed to listen to before. Sonic Masala have been serving up some interesting releases over the past 18 months or so and this one is no exception. Danyl Jesu open things with their powerful and doom-laden noise rock on side A. It's kind of mid-paced and with an emphasis on effects and distortion, almost industrial, and this is paired up with the yell of the vocals. Barge With An Antenna On It take side two. They play some grooving post hardcore which is largely instrumental. The vocals, when they do appear, are a mix of that borderline spoken/sung style and a heavier yell. The tracks here also have a repetitive and hypnotic side to them which only adds to their relentlessness. I'd say the standout track across both sides is their "New Land Old Sun" which is driven and pummelling with deliberated spoken vocals until they let rip towards the end. The moral of the story here is that if, like me a few weeks ago, you're at a show and you've not heard Barge With An Antenna On It and they're playing shortly, you shouldn't leave before they take the stage (which I did - lazily having not checked them out before the gig) as they're well worth sticking around for. As luck would have it, both bands are playing an EP launch in Brisbane in a couple of weeks time. I'll stick around next time.

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