A horrible hack

PLF - Suffering Mind

Grind Down White Pride

Year Released: 2014
Format: 5"
Label: Power It Up
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Jun 4, 2015
This may be an incorrect assumption, but I've always bracketed PLF with a pizza n' beer brand of grind/powerviolence/hardcore that I never had any time for. Why? Because, like ACxDC, Hummingbird Of Death or the sewage that was AxRxMx, I kinda thought that if they couldn't even take their band name seriously then why should I expect anything from their music? As I say, I could be wrong and there are plenty of exceptions to the rule, but to be honest the music of theirs I heard didn't exactly make me want to delve deep enough to see whether or not my prejudices were well founded. Anyway, I digress. Why do you care about any of this? You just want to know what the record sounds like, right? Well, PLF play two tracks of fairly stock grindcore of an early Earache bent. The vocals sound like hogs vomiting and the tunes are competently chunky. After numerous spins the wonky pendulum representing my emotions remains stuck dead centre suggesting neither love nor hate, meaning it is now time for Poland's Suffering Mind. They... sound like PLF, but as though they'd been recorded live onto a dictaphone . This, frankly, is disappointing and lends me to question just what I'm doing here, writing all these silly words about a 5" record that I donít much like. Well?

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