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Dance Like Everybody's Watching And They Hate You

Year Released: 2015
Format: Download
Label: Barely Regal
Reviewed by MH on Jun 9, 2015
I think I was meant to write about this one a while back and then it got lost amongst a load of other emails and other trivial activities. Anyway, new material by Olympians is always good news and this new release sees them deliver a whopping 8 tracks in one go. I listen to this band a fair bit actually so 8 tracks is a good thing. The first track on here has a bigger sound than that on the last release I heard by Olympians ("Adventure Gun"). That said, it's still stylistically similar to those songs and lyrically they are once again a mixture of sadness and offbeat imagery ("Find a melody and keep it in your head/Buy a glockenspiel make music from your bed/Scream your lungs to shards singing words your heart admits are futile but we'll make the worst of it"). There is at times a brilliant contrast between the prettiness and gentle nature of the music and the spikier side of their lyrics - last song "Disappear Completely" is a great example of this. I've been listening to this regularly of late and that's only likely to continue.

This was released as a download with a poster that has since sold out and I wish I'd been quicker off the mark to get one. I also think the title, the cover photo and its accompanying text are utterly brilliant.

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