A horrible hack


Hidden Mothers

Year Released: 2015
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by MH on Jun 18, 2015
I'm afraid this is the final hurrah for another UK band of note. The two track tape by Manuals was a highlight for me last year and this new release is their first, last and only EP. You'll notice similarities to the blueprint on that tape here and the influence of the noisier side of Hum is evident again as well as some of those stop-starts and interesting track structures. It's definitely a noisy EP (especially the first two tracks) and the vocals are strained for the most part - almost abrasive at times. There is variation here too though and the first half of "Sasha & The Russian Sailor" is gentle, downbeat and almost shoegaze-y. I think this EP includes their best song, "Naomi Katherine & The Spectre of Immortality", which builds slowly and the restrained vocals on this one are bang on for me. The track and EP ends fittingly on the lyric "I swear it's the last time" as Manuals depart. Another decent UK band disappears but let's see what's next as these endings often result in interesting new projects.

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