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Badbadnotgood - Ghostface Killah

Sour Soul

Year Released: 2015
Format: LP
Label: Lex
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jul 4, 2015
Here comes Andy, middle aged (close enough) white guy, thinking he’s into hip hop now like some kind of Dad that makes you post eye rolling witticisms on twitter in the style of someone you’re not. Yeah man, this is probably the best record I’ve heard this year, sorry it’s not an emo album and I’m just some embarrassing fool who doesn’t really know what’s what anymore. I mean, this is probably not even a trendy hip hop record, and maybe it’s one of ones that almost middle aged white guys are into, and it makes them feel like they are badass cool dudes with super taste in music. But don’t over analyse that nonsense, it’ll get you nowhere, apart from Twitter arguments with really, really boring people.

I can’t even talk about this record from the standpoint of someone who might think they know what they’re talking about. It just hits a whole lot of sweet spots. Specifically, it sounds like the kind of record I want to listen to late at night on the dog days of summer, 5 deep in a 6 pack of some IPA (hops are my drugs) and feelin’ fine. But what does it sound like? It’s pretty chill. Cool ass jazz, and Ghostface saying things. That’s as good as you’re gonna get from the likes of me. It’s like the soundtrack to my imaginary favourite movie, gliding on by for all of 30 minutes, so fucking smooth and appealing. Although maybe not the song that finished off like a James Bond theme.

Let’s crank the heat up to 30 degrees, open all the windows, pop the cap on that Laggy and then you can join me lying on the floor whilst a gentle breeze starts to waft in the window and this album just winds on to the run out groove and you’ve fallen asleep in a pizza coma and there’s a cat on my stomach and everything is for the best, in the best of all possible worlds. Think I can squeeze in another beer and flip this record for one more side before I call this a night.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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