A horrible hack


Vol. 4

Year Released: 2015
Format: CD
Label: HHBTM
Reviewed by MH on Jul 12, 2015
This band has been around for 21 years. 21 years! They come from Missouri and I'd not heard them until this came my way via the digital review pile. They're called Bunnygrunt - not sure where the name come from but it's certainly done them no harm for over 2 decades. It looks like they're currently a trio although over different periods 17 different people have been in the band. They also had a song in the film, "Bad Santa"! What a classic that was! This opens with a skitty kind of short track called "Gimme Five Bucks". It could give you the wrong idea of what the band sound like on the rest of this release as the next few songs are more in the vein of poppy indie rock that is a little rough around the edges . It's a hard one to call too though as they kind of flit between that gentler side and some more powerful songs. The last couple are much louder and owe a little more to older rock bands. It then closes with an anthemic rock song about chooglin'. I didn't know what that was but the internet and Creedence Clearwater tell me that it's about having a raucous good time and the 'Grunt certainly seem to be having a good time. Lots of variation here and nice vocal interplay throughout between Karen Ried & Matt Harnish. I get the most out of the mellower indie pop/rock songs and my favourite song on here is "Just Like Old Times" which is a good one, as is "Chunt Bump". If you like this then you are in luck as there is 21+ years of music out there. There is even a tribute Bunnygrunt covers compilation featuring bands covering 21 of their songs and it's called "You Wanna Be Just Like Bunnygrunt". Who am I to argue?

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