A horrible hack



Year Released: 2014
Format: 12" EP
Label: Per Koro - Phantom - Family Business - Desordre Ordonne - Microsleep
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Jul 12, 2015
This is some explosive stuff right here: a 10-song blast of ultra-condensed, gloom-tinged hardcore that merges desperate 00s screamo, combustible emoviolence and heftier 90s thuds to rather glorious effect. The names I'm pulling from my hat include Neil Perry, Uranus and In/humanity circa 'The History Behind The Mystery', and while that might make things sound 'retro' there's also a sharp modernity at play that sees FX-laden passages and bouts of Zann-like heaviness woven into the wider fabric in a manner so seamless that they neither distract nor detract from the overall excitement. Excellent.

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