A horrible hack

Hello Bastards


Year Released: 2014
Format: LP
Label: Refuse - Pumpkin Records - I Feel Good - Black Embers - Caramba - Clean Up Your Act - Deviance - Hearts Bleed Blue - Helldog - Karasu Killer - True Spirit - No Sanctuary
Reviewed by Ferg on Aug 30, 2015
Here is the first LP offering from long standing London based vegan straight edge hardcore band Hello Bastards. From the get go on track one “We the plague”, with an intro of war planes and bombs falling, you know what you’re in for. Straight ahead, no bullshit political hardcore. The tracks on the album share a lot in common with older U.K hardcore bands such as Ripcord and Health Hazard, more so than most modern straight edge bands. Lyrically Hello Bastards are on point and dealing with issues such as veganism, refugee rights and anti-fascism amongst others. The album comes in a sweet gatefold cover with artwork stretching from back to front creating a landscaped image. Also contains a large 18 page booklet of lyrics and artwork. Solid release!

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