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Perpetual Existence

Year Released: 2015
Format: 7"
Label: sncl - Clarity Records
Reviewed by Joao on Sep 3, 2015
weightless are a band from australia playing lovely emo indie rock sounding more downbeat than happy. the guitars are very clear and twinkly, everything is very smooth sounding, the chap doing the vocals has a very nice voice. he sings softly rather than doing the recently popular yelling thing (if you can call this type of thing popular).

but surely the strength in this 7" is the song writing. in particular the title song. it's fucking amazing, go listen to it, it is 2015 and you clearly have internet access. it's lovely without being boring.

at points weightless reminds me of days in december, last days of april, and even later days idaho (might be the voice ? im not sure.) this description sounds like something on deep elm, but it's better than that.

this review is a bit late but autumn is coming soon and i am sure you can gently rock back and forth to this 7" while watching those leaves falling from the trees outside your window (ahah who am i kidding, there are no seasons anymore and it will kill us all soon).

love it. keep it going. tour europe.

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