A horrible hack

Record Review



Year Released: 2015
Format: LP
Label: Hamndkansla
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Sep 4, 2015
Weird, poorly put-together retrospective of this noise-damaged 90s Japanese band that was originally released in 2011 (?) but has since resurfaced, either as a shadowy reissue or part of a dead stock find. It's a partial discography, featuring their EP, split 7" with Diskonto, demo tape and three unreleased tracks. Why this material was selected over, say, their 12" or split tape is anyone's guess, but since the package itself comprises just the disc and a single photocopied piece of paper by way of cover I guess we’ll never know. Whatever the weather, Frigöra were a bit of a beast: a rabid, fuzz-blasted band whose brisk playing, scuttling bass runs and garbled yells shift malevolently beneath a smothering layer of white noise. Hefty tribute is paid to the mighty Mob 47, and while the sound quality varies from release to release (particularly muffled on the b-side, which is the demo stuff) it's all pretty raging and at least serves as a cheaper option than tracking down original copies of this stuff in the wild.

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