A horrible hack

Black Juju

Killed By Youth

Year Released: 2014
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on Sep 8, 2015
Mid paced garage grunge. The press sheet that comes with this is full of words like 'abrasive', 'relentless whirlwind', 'rabid animals' etc, the record does not sound like that at all. Its the absolute standard sound of fans of Mudhoney, Nirvana, REO Speedealer, and a Crypt sampler. I'm a big fan of Mudhoney, and some Crypt stuff but this is not abrasive, nor is it a relentless whirlwind, in fact is is 100% mid paced. Zeke are an abrasive whirlwind. This is a Bleach era Nirvana covers band, with a garage rock riff book. I'm pretty sure the song 'Halo Baby' is a song off Inscesticide.

I mean itís well played, songs are well put together, and for what it is it's fine, I mean obviously we prefer grunge to be like this than Feeder or Creed, but it's so uninspiring and mis-sold that it's hard to be positive. No one needs another Nirvana, why not rip off Jon Spencer, Zen Guerilla, The Gories or Bratmobile, garage rock that hasn't been done to death. Not for me.

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