A horrible hack



Year Released: 2013
Format: 7"
Label: Clue #2
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on Sep 13, 2015
Is the name pronounced like Karaoke? I'd like to think the name comes from combining the amazing Rowans in Finsbury Park with its excellent Karaoke facilities.

I don't think that is actually the case though, because it's a town in America, in fact Roanoke is the place where that guy shot people live on TV recently. Not related to the band (I hope) but an interesting fact none the less. I can only find info for another band called Roanoke who play hardcore from Illinois, but I don't think this is them. I think this one is from Seattle. Very confusing.

This a good record to finish on, growly tough hardcore. I would say for fans of Neurosis, Envy, Plague Sermon - but not the long drifty post rock bits, just the meat and potatoes sections. This is very good prowling around the stage, glowering moodily at the audience music, I like it. Dead Sea is a great song, bit quicker than the others on the record, but just as interesting to listen to, and doesn't lose any of its power with the increase of speed.

Hey! Itís a good record!

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