A horrible hack

Adult Dude

Adult Moods

Year Released: 2015
Format: LP
Label: Animal Style Records
Reviewed by MH on Sep 29, 2015
I thought I might as well review this one seeing as I reviewed the Adult Mom record the other day. This time we have Adult Dude completing a triple adult whammy by calling their album "Adult Moods" and they deal in indie rock. You can hear they like a bit of grunge and Dinosaur Jr. in particular on songs like "New Son Gay" as well as in the guitar sound of the closing track. There's a healthy energy to a lot of these songs which gives this a punkier edge at times too. The first four tracks should give you a good idea of what this band is about and that's the strongest part of the album for me. The slower "80 MPH" rides a grungey riff and has a bigger hook in the chorus and it then runs into "Riff Dog" which does something Superchunk-y and is perhaps the stand-out track for me. It's a solid effort all round.

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