A horrible hack


Spit At The Sun

Year Released: 2015
Format: LP
Label: Black Numbers
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Oct 17, 2015
Itís been a very long time since I checked into what I would thoughtlessly define as the ďFestĒ pop punk scene, but about 5 seconds into this, you know thatís exactly what youíve got here. I donít blame anyone for being in a pop punk band, itís no doubt a shit load of fun and a good way to wile away a couple of years in your mid 20s if thatís a position you can put yourself in. But oh boy, if you are not someone who is going to all those gigs and buying all the LPs and has just dipped in for a moment, thereís not a lot going on for you here. This music is studiously by the book. What has it got to offer me personally? Not a lot, although ďPiled HighĒ did give me some nice Texas is the Reason pangs. This pop punk style has slowly mutated over the past decade, taking on influences from the twiddly emo scene to inject a little variation. But itís all so clean and sensible. No ragged edges. No sense that youíre listening to people doing something because they had to just get those demons out. Itís just the sound of a band that is good at playing pop punk, ready made to soundtrack your 800 mile drive to Fest and back. I find it intriguing that a successful self sustaining scene has been born from this so insular style of music, but hey, all the old punks complain that things ainít what they used to be but punk never was intended for the old bastards anyway.

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