A horrible hack

To The Point - Sidetracked


Year Released: 2015
Format: 7"
Label: Deep Six
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Oct 27, 2015
Herein we have a bunch more smashers from To The Point. When the first track hit I was thinking they were maybe becoming one of those bands whose records I was buying just because I'd gotten used to buying them, but after that one's out the way things change around a bit, offering some jagged variation amid the traditional powerviolent pummelling and reassuring me that I'm doing A Good Thing by continuing to fund their cause. Sidetracked are over on the flip and seem to have been around for ages now. They offer up some fast, frantic powerviolence of their own, to my mind coming at things from a Capitalist Casualties angle. They blast n' blurt and occasionally lob in a sonic curveball, rounding this one off in a manner that mightn't threaten to destroy the planet but is certainly decent enough.

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