A horrible hack

The Hermit Crabs

In My Flat

Year Released: 2015
Format: CD
Label: Matinee Recordings
Reviewed by MH on Nov 9, 2015
This is some grown-up and clean-sounding indie pop stuff from Glasgow - looks like they've been around for a good ten years if their Discogs page is anything to go by. I say "grown-up" as lyrics deal with things like friends having kids, moving away, getting mortgages and material goods - plus other stuff like being on your back in Tracey Emin's bed. Melanie Whittle's vocals have a nice, melodic and airy way about them and the songwriting on here is of note - Camera Obscura would be the obvious, and probably, lazy reference point. It looks like this is mainly Melanie Whittle's project and she's joined by different folk in terms of the band. "I'm A Fool" is perhaps the standout for me - it has a lovely twinkly guitar sound. I also like the moodier "High Maintenance". If you liked that Model Village LP I reviewed the other day or can get excited by the return of The Popguns, then this is definitely worth a go.

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